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Sometimes you get a chance to create magic. And when that happens you should always take it!



I’m a woman. I’m beautiful, smart, I’m independent and to be honest, sometimes I feel quite Godly. No excuses. Let me explain.

I’m used to expressing myself a certain way, both emotionally and physically. And I have recently realized that sooner or later in every woman’s life there should be a beginning of total and complete self acceptance. Even if it makes her surroundings uncomfortable. We owe it to ourselves.

It’s important for my own, personal progress to be comfortable with who I am. It’s crucial to me to not have to hide and adjust how I dress in order to fit inn, for example. I am lucky that I have found my tribe, that in all its glitter and rainbows, cross-dressing and mermaids, looks and feels like the depths of my soul! So, in the past 5 years, I have flourished beyond my wildest dreams, as a woman as well as a spirit. I grew more comfortable with how I show myself to the world. I’m now less concerned about how I appear to the world visually and how comfortable or uncomfortable my appearance makes some people. What matters to me is whether I am being true to myself.

When I fully realized how I wanted to express myself, I also understood all those unique, fascinating women who have been captivating me for years with their expressive styles.  I finally begun to understand what made Isabella Blow an icon and Bjork a style revolutionary, Audrey Hepburn a model rebel and Lady GaGa the new face of a Goddess. They had all found their own language and I now feel like I have begun my journey of understanding it. These women were and are fearless, they didn’t believe in rules and they also simply didn’t give a fuck.

That’s pretty much the moment when I felt where the strength of those women came from.  They grew up without victim mentality. They never accepted whatever reality they were born into, so they created their own.



All photos by Ksenia Lambert

When we shot this photo shoot back in December in Vietnam, it took me all of 2 seconds to strip to my bra and underwear in the middle of a tourist attraction that is White Sand Dunes of Mui Ne. I did it simply because I felt like having a beautiful moment and Ksenia was suggesting we drop the tee shirt and stop fighting the wind with it. So I did.  Two seconds and all tourists’ eyes were on me. Another 2 seconds and Ksenia and I were laughing at how amusing it is that we didn’t care.

“Run towards me!” shouted Ksenia and I ran across the white dune’s edge, sand covering my hair, leaving a trail of white powder in the wind behind me as she filmed my flight. It was one of the most amazing moments of my life. I felt like I was on another planet. We had at this point wondered off into the wild zone, so far that there were no more tourists around us. Only an occasional truck, filled with Chinese tourists, would ride up closer than necessary, thin hands hanging off the edges of the car, snapping iPhones, a few words in English, as us of course, giggles as the truck would ride back to the parking area.  That, surprisingly, also didn’t bother me.  I was in the middle of having a Goddess moment, everything under my control, all in balance.  I was being the star of my own movie, and no one had the power to ruin it. As I felt it all I held on to that feeling and I made sure I remembered how it fit inside my chest. I felt it to the fullest and then cemented it in the depths of my soul until it felt familiar.



It’s been almost two months since I have returned from my 3 months long journey to Vietnam and almost 4 months since we shot Mora Design silver cuff and necklace in the middle of the desert, at White Sand Dunes, in Mui Ne.  This journey changed my life in many ways. Mainly because I had time to hibernate and study my many transitions.  I came back from this trip having realized that I also have changed the way I express myself through clothes and everything else I put on my body.  In the same way as Isabella and Bjork had developed their own languages I want, without a doubt to speak my own. I want my language to be understood by those it is intended to, and I deepest desire is to be able to stay true to myself no matter what judgements anyone might have against women like me being who we are, living the lives we are living. No excuses, no explanations.

And so, almost four months later I decided to write down this story. Because I am finally ready to post images of myself having a Goddess moment, fully open and vulnerable, no excuses, no explanations. It was a beautiful fairy-tale-like dance with nature. We were shooting in a captivating white desert and I had set myself free!

I think that everyone should have their moment of magic every time the opportunity presents itself. I think women especially need more magic in their lives today, because of how sensitive we can be. No matter who’s looking, no matter how uncomfortable it makes anyone feel, let’s embrace whatever magic we receive in life.  Just take it! Gift it to yourself and to the world! Not in a way that puts your ego over others, but in a way that children share ice-cream with each other. Roll in the grass or run through the fields in a long dress and swim naked in a forest lake and let your wet hair caress your skin in the water. Paint a self portrait, make a headpiece, 3D print that house already or a design your next dress.  Look in the mirror and say “I Love You!” Express who you are and stop adjusting.  Let’s inspire each other! As sisters, not competition. Embrace who you are and the need to compete with others will vanish. Self expression comes in many shapes and forms and so does self acceptance.

So, with all that said. Here’s me, being the star of my own movie. No excuses, no explanations. I felt beautiful, I felt Godly, I felt like I had nothing to hide from and no one to impress. I embraced the magic that was given to me in this moment and stripped my layers to the wind. 🙂

My moment of magic was unforgettable.

Feel the smell of the sunset over the white dunes?








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