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NOTES from the BURN- Part I

whiteout-adventurers-ship-at car at--Burning-Man-2015-Carnival-of-Mirrors

All images by me.




When the wind hits on the Playa, you can do one of two things: hide and wait it out or pull on your gas mask, goggles and continue on your journey. If you hide, you will probably find another adventure, if you venture out,  your perception of reality will never be the same.A whiteout on the Playa is one of the most magnificent things I have ever experienced. This year several friends lost their equipment to the white powdery dust of the desert. Dust is a killer to electronics as it’s so fine that with a little wind it can get into the smallest crevices, making carrying around camera equipment a very risky endeavor. I was luckier than my  friends though. Or more careful. Either way, here are some of the first images I will be sharing from my amazing cross-country trip to Burning Man. This storm was the strongest one of the week and my first day on the Playa. Anastasia and I spent the first 2 days body painting guests at our camp, 747 Big Imagination, so I missed the daylight hours on the Playa, but our creative skills were part of our contribution to the Playa and to our camp, so it all ended up being a ton of fun.



A whiteout can take over the Playa in a matter of seconds, however camp leaders are always informed if storms become dangerous and people need to take shelter.





So, after 2 days of painting bodies,  which was an amazing experience, I hit the Playa on my bike and was immediately hit by the Whiteout.  I pulled on my goggles and my gas mask, that I spent a few days bejeweling in tiny mirrors for the Carnival of Mirrors theme this year, and headed out to the Playa.


My professional army protective gear is customized with mirror and metal plated pieces for this year’s theme- Carnival of Mirrors.



Dust storm picking up over Playa.


Burners in the whiteout at Burning Man 2015 Carnival of Mirrors

Protective gear is your best friend at the Burn!

whiteout at Burning Man 2015 Carnival of Mirrors

Whiteout at Burning Man 2015 Carnival of Mirrors



whiteout at Burning Man 2015 Carnival of Mirrors

The lens doesn’t always want to focus because of the heavy dust layers in the air


Mirror bejewewled gas mas and goggles at Burning Man, Carnival of Mirrors, this year.

From my Instagram feed @the_2500

The number of adventures that happened to us along the way and while at Burning Man this year amazes even me – each is a story in its own right. I am overwhelmed by how much I have opened up to creating my own reality and living my dream life. I have embraced the adventure and the adventure just keeps getting better!

Burning Man 2015 Cannival of Mirrors

Randomly running into my New York friends on the Playa was one of the best experiences at Burning Man 2015 Carnival of Mirrors! Allyson and Damon are of the most magical couples I know!


Burning Man 2015 Cannival of Mirrors

Love Specs on my friend Damon, who I ran into on the Playa.


The fun doesn’t stop just because it’s dusty! Burning Man 2015 Carnival of Mirrors

Getting back to normal isn’t easy and, no matter how much you try to explain this state, only a fellow burner can relate. In a city of 75 000 people whose only priority is to be happy, it doesn’t take long to disconnect from all the burdens and responsibilities of your “outside” world. After a few days you might even forget what your “real” life feels like.


The fun never stops at the Playa! You take breaks as the party continues on!



Would you like to cross kite surfing off your bucket list?


How about wind surfing?

But, with all that said, I am working on writing it all down, getting it translated into Russian and posted here on the blog. All of which can take a few days. So, please be patient and cheer for me, while I embark on this intense journey of re-living it all!

Burning Man, Carnival of Mirrors,

Magical moments of lens malfunction on the Playa during dust storms. Burning Man 2015.



_MG_0248   couple-during-the-whiteout-at-Burning-Man-2015-Carnival-of-Mirrors





… to be continued!



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