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Beigegrenade has a perfect version of the Spreme Rach on her Instagram!

Image via Beigerenegade Instagram




By Saida

I have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear!

I have evolved, but my wardrobe still has giant shoulder pads.

How do I update it and where do I begin?

I have been asked these questions so many times over the years that I think it’s time I published my short, effective list of answers and wardrobe tricks. It’s so easy, I can promise you results already tomorrow!

Don’t believe me?

I know that this system works, because it’s has proven over and over to be effective with my friends and clients. Now when people approach me I recite these 5 points like a well-memorized tongue twister.

The best advice I can give to anyone who has nothing to wear and ever wanted to find their current self in their old closet are as follows.


1. Find a source of inspiration!

This is your basic #1 of wardrobe tricks upon which you build you new, fresh and updated wardrobe!

Whether it’s bloggers, friends, or street style sites, find a few people whose style you like and who you can relate to. Don’t try to be them, be inspired by them, but remain focused on You.

When yu find images you like, save them into folders on your computer. Sort these folders by occasion and purpose, for example: party, work, travel, casual, etc.  Make it a habit to be inspired not only by looks, but also by cultures, lifestyles and personalities.

I like using Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration. On Instagram I am inspired by all kinds of things, from couture fetish dolls from a Russian sister duo to the color tones and image combinations of someone’s wall.  Here are some of my all time favorites.

wardrobe tricks sincerelyjules             wardrobe tricks trevor_stuurman

wardrobe tricks instagram margaret__zhang          wardrobe tricks instagram popovysisters


2. Start separating the clothes you love from the ones you don’t!


Beigerenegade has a perfect version of the Spreme Rach on her Instagram!

Start now!

Get a separate rack for clothes you like (or free up a part of your existing closet for this purpose).  Let’s call this rack your Supreme Rack, so that we can refer to it later!

At first the rack will be empty. Make sure you enjoy the clean slate before you start the project.

Take it in.

You are a new person.

The clothes you own, don’t own You!

You are starting anew.

Breathe in.


Let’s go!

Start putting your favorite pieces on this rack as you dig them out of your closet, after you bring them from dry cleaners or as you buy new pieces you love. No need to make it into a huge project, you can just separate as you go! It will take time.  Make more room on the Supreme Rack as you go through your clothes.

One day you will see a rack of clothes you love. It might happen in a week, or a month, or a year, but if you stick to this exercise I guarantee you, that day will come!

After a while you will naturally separate from those pieces you don’t wear. You will loose emotional attachment you might have had for them. They will remain in one, separate part of your closet (probably the very back).

Remember, on the Supreme Rack you should only have the clothes worthy of You. These clothes you can wear with several other items you already have and you have to absolutely love the item you keep!

Which brings us to my next point!

wardrobe tricks sustainable clothing in harmny with nature saida mouradova

Buy clothes that don’t kill our planet.


3. From now on only buy what you absolutely LOVE!

No exceptions!

Know exactly how you will wear an item before you spend money on another thing that’s going to take place in your wardrobe as well as your life (see #1 and #3 above)!

I have a simple rule for when it comes to buying anything – I have to absolutely love it!

No exceptions.

If I have any doubts, I don’t buy it.

Remember that super sexy skirt you bought that you were going to wear once you shed those pounds? Or those pants you were going to alter to your height? Remember where they are? Right, at the end of the rack, or at the bottom of some drawer you forgot about.

Spending money on items you think you will wear once some change occurs in your life is a waste of resources and is horrible for the environment. We live in the times of disposable clothing and fast fashion is the second dirtiest industry in the world, right next to oil companies. When we think of pollution, what probably comes to mind is power plants, fracking and Monsanto. We don’t often think of the shirts on our backs. But the overall impact the apparel industry on our planet is devastating.

For example, polyester and nylon are not biodegradable, so they are unsustainable. While the manufacturing of both uses great amounts of energy, nylon also emits a large amount of nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas, during manufacturing. The impact of one pound of nitrous oxide on global warming is almost 300 times that of the same amount of carbon dioxide, the most ubiquitous greenhouse gas.

A lot of mass market brands use these materials to produce cheap clothing and most of it quickly ends up in the landfill, because of the poor quality.So think twice before you buy another inexpensive trendy item. It’s not an investment, it’s a waste.

Loving what you buy also means having a clean consciousness that you made the right decision for yourself AND your planet!


wardrobe tricks plaid-on-plaid-faux-leather-moto-pants-spring-look-twentyfivehundred-blog-saida-mouradova4.  Put your outfits together way ahead of time!


You can play this game on your Supreme Rack. As a matter of fact, it should be part of the process.

Compose ideas, remember them, play a little every day. Change accessories! Let a few options wait for you at all times. This is how you will train your mind to remember what you like!

Another good idea of wardrobe tricks is to try to create outfits ahead of time based on your saved inspirations! Read point #1. See something you like? Know how to do it with what you already have? Go ahead and play! You will have a chance to wear a look if you already have it ready!




5. Remember who you are!

wardrobe tricks Saida Mouradova style inspiration

Last but not least, never forget the difference between who you are versus who you want to appear as. When it comes to your style, being true to yourself is the most important thing.

Who you are makes up the core of our style. If you try to be someone else, you will always get lost or have doubts about your choices. You can have many sides to your style, you can wear many colors and variations of your personality (you know I do all these things), but going back to your own values and preferences is the most important thing when choosing your outfits. It’s what makes you consistent!

The biggest mistake you can make when dressing up in the morning is trying to look like someone else.

You will never have that celebrity’s butt, nose, skin etc.

You will never look like that person in that dress.

And that’s a good thing, because you are unique and you can do things others can’t simply because they don’t have your personality, your background or your sense of humor. All these things make you special so indulge in them!

Love your body!

Love your reflection in the mirror with no makeup on.

Say “I love you!” to that reflection looking back at you before you choose your outfit!

And from now you will forget these words: “I have nothing to wear!”

Can you promise me that?

So that’s my big advice, my wardrobe tricks and personal style secrets.

What do you think?

Will you try it?

Did anything I mention blow your mind?

Do you have any advice for me and other readers?