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Trendy Gal’s Guide to Vegan Shoes!

 Ain't no leather

Trendy Gal’s Guide to Vegan Shoes with Style

by Coach Antonia

Are you wearing hideously unfabulous footwear because you don’t want to purchase factory farmed leather products? I don’t know about you, but i’m done being an ethical frump.  Fueled by my own fashion-frustration of wearing only sneakers for the past two years – I’ve dug deep to find what the marketplace can offer as shoes for vegans or people who just want ethical shoes. Hallelujah – prayers have been heard, and there are now fashion-forward options for us girls who don’t want to compromise our fashion style nor our lifestyle values.

  1. A Great Boot – Wills London  or an alternative by Trotters

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 2.50.20 PM

A great boot is a MUST HAVE for fall-winter, and also goes great with nice spring dresses. Think about how versatile and necessary this shoe is today! Unfortunately, all the great boot makers in recent years have prided themselves on the quality of their leather. Fortunately, thats changed and we no longer have to go to the cheapest shoe section for synthetic shoes that break apart in 2 weeks to escape leather. Not to mention, the super cheap synthetic shoes also have their own slew of ethical issues from the human rights perspective and environmental damage that unconscious producers may inflict in their poor business practices.

2. A Classic Flat – Beyond Skin or an alternative by Kimchi Blue.


Spring and summer picnics. A new date from that new (but cool) dating app. A day out with your family. Going to the office, or starting your own office. A good pair of ballerina flats have as many reasons to wear them as the many colors and different details they come in. They are easy to slip on and off, and are known to be comfortable for walking. Finally Tory Burch won’t have a monopoly on the world of ballet shoes and those of us that don’t want leather can wear them too!

3. A Trendy Sandal – Beyond Skin or an alternative by Birkenstock

vegan leather free shoes

These strong sandals with a slightly masculine touch are storming the trends of the season. You can see them in high end variations as well as their Zara-esque versions. They look cool and can go great with a pair of rolled-up boyfriend jeans.

4. A Flashy Heel – Cult of Coquette or an alternative by Lost Ink

alternative shoes vegan

Everyone loves a good heel – and its so important to make sure you have a quality shoe that goes easy on your body. Bad shoes are bad for your spine and your health. Finding a comfortable heel is important for your feet, your health – and for your mood. Think about how nice you can be on a night out when your feet are killing you?! Smiles can become slim to none. Here we have a company making vegan heels that don’t just look good – but are good for the planet. Hooray for all high heeled hippies-at-heart!

5. A Hipster LaceUp – Noah Italian Vegan Shoes or an alternative by Volcom


Its no secret that the hipster community has fallen in love with this style of shoe. Its not a bad alternative to get them previously owned at your cool second hand store (so easy if you live in Brooklyn!). This still keeps the leather goods in circulation and reduces the production of new goods. However, if for whatever reason you can’t do that – it’s nice to know that you can still rock this fashion without having to use leather.


Finally there are actually stylish options for those of us who don’t feel comfortable with the status quo of mass-produced animal cruelty. You can buy these shoes directly online and have them delivered right to your door. What’s not to love?

Is there a place where you get your awesome leather-free and cruelty-free shoes? Share in the comments so we can support those brands and get to know them!

To Your Ethical Style!
Coach Antonia

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