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time to act


By Saida

Sometimes the times are hard.

Sometimes it gets very dark.

Sometimes reality seems like a really strange movie, that shouldn’t be happening to you. Sounds familiar?

I get those a lot lately. Like, how did we not see this coming? What does this really mean? How are we not going forward after all this work?

How can we make it right?

If I was to guess why this happened, I’d say that humanity needed a stronger shock for a more effective awakening.  Many teachers speak of strong emotional trauma triggering profound spiritual experiences. Maybe we had to crash headfirst and burn in our own ashes. Maybe we all simply need to realize that it’s our lack of action that really lead us here as a society. Collective absence. Lack of personal responsibility for not voting, for not supporting sustainable businesses, for not fighting for our youth and our elderly. Maybe we all need to realize that our voices and actions matter. They matter more than we are made to believe.

The difference between what is now and what is in history books is that now we have technology and internet and we have time to act and can share freestanding information. We can contribute each in our own way and make this world a better place one small step at a time. Help each other, support and embrace, nurture and unite. I think only then do we have a chance. If everyone starts believing in the power of one’s actions, we can really shift things.

We needed a bigger shock and we got it.

The time to act is now.

On this note I leave you with one example of how to contribute to positive change in the world.

Three years ago Great Caesar and Alex Kolby released a music video that, to quote Alex “completely shifted my film career”.  Ever since Alex has been contributing an incredible amount of love and beauty to this world. Following Alex’s amazing stories on his social media now inspires me beyond words.

Love always wins.