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Whether it is romantic love, love for a new passion, new found highs, or self-love, at the end of the day I want all of us to be able to say that we now love on a much bigger, more open level. That we have found a new definition of love. 

I believe that love has various faces and omnifarious shapes and so every love story is therefore unique in its own way. Look outside of Hollywood and love stories around the world might surprise you by their diversity of magnificence. I bet you if you asked random people to tell you a story of their biggest love, most will probably tell you about a relationship. But if you asked about their biggest lesson in love, some answers would surely be quite surprising.


So I thought to myself- why not ask my audience to submit a story of love to be featured here on


At the early stages of this blog’s conception I got an idea that I’d want some part of this website to belong completely to my readers. I wanted you to participate in making this a happy place and a place of inspiration! So today I’m honoring that desire of mine and welcoming you to participate in the building process of this blog.


Here is what I am inviting you to do!


I’m officially making an announcement that February is going to be the Month of Love on this website. That means that for the entire month we are going to be talking about relationships, sex, Tantra, human connections, sexuality and many other various topics, all of which have to do with love. And every week I’m going to be publishing stories of love by my readers and friends. Stories could be anonymous and about anything on the topic of love, whether it’s a love for your first pet, your child, your partner or even a place on Earth.


For a chance to be featured please submit a one-page essay to by February 5th. I will announce the runners up on February 10th by replying personally to each one.


Many of us enjoyed writing essays in school and I’m giving you a chance to speak up and to see this as your way of sharing an experience that you feel like you are ready to share.

Remember a story and enjoy reliving it!

Or use it as a tool for letting go.

And connect!


 I will post my own love story in one of the first days of February. I look forward to be very open and outspoken during this months and I might even shock some of you.

I want you to also start writing to me with questions about possible topics to write about and discuss!


Let’s start something fun and contagious!


So, starting today, you have about three weeks to send inn your love story, questions and topic suggestions to


I’m looking forward to being buried under an avalanche of emails and stories!


Excited to death!



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