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Sometimes a sign is really a sign.

Alex + Alex Meet.

A LOVE story by AlexCubed.

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Hello, we’re Alex and Alex – a likely couple in an unlikely world. 

We promise there’s no moral to this story. We promise there’s no introspective retrospect about listening to the universe or social trope about finding someone just when you stop looking. And this story is definitely not about following signs – or is it?

This is a story about two people who, for lack of a better word, were lucky enough to smash into each other at a time when they were being particularly genuine. So when they saw each other, they really saw the other and neither could deny that it all made too much love sense. They were tempted by each other’s honesty and turned on by the other’s beach bod outfits (his hippie pants and parasol and her inflatable octopus inner-safety-tube), so they abandoned their ego’s about “who is she with” and “how has he been paying attention to me this long” and they enjoyed each other.

They recognized in each other another human who had the all the makings of a real mate and a true love.

This is some version of that story. Catch up with us somewhere in the world and we’ll buy you a beer and tell you another one.


GirlAlex:  We haven’t really been apart much since we met.

I think the longest was 2 days for the first year?  Except for San Francisco – and not more than a handful of times, really.

We don’t necessarily recommend that for everyone but we really like that statistic.

I joke that I’ve left business conventions early. Sorry guys, enjoy your team-building, I have to go make out with my boyfriend!

polaroid - she makes that noise-fixed

BoyAlex:  We understand that’s not normal. It’s not that we’re codependent – we’re very much our own people – it’s just that we like being together more than we like being apart. Life is more fun when she’s around.

GirlAlex:  We’re kind of the same person.

BoyAlex:  But opposites. I always said I wanted to find the girl version of myself…so when I found Girl Alex in Mexico…

GirlAlex:  Neither one of us was supposed to be there that weekend.  I had just moved back to NYC. I was working in Germany at the time and was supposed to be in Paris that weekend, for Paris Decompression. But my work brought me back early.

BoyAlex:  She had been home for all of a week.

GirlAlex I had probably been out of my apartment more nights than I’d been in it. I remember I flew back on Friday and by the next Wednesday I was flying out to Mexico.

BoyAlex:  Our friends produce parties in NYC and they were throwing a 5-day beach party on Isla de Mujeres.

I found her on the Island of Women.

GirlAlex:  True facts. I wasn’t even going to go. My friend Anna had invited me but it felt too lux to take off for Mexico just having been back. After all, my rent was about to go back up, back way up. But I went, because, why not. Regret the things you’ve done and not the things you haven’t done, right?

BoyAlex:  I had been working 80-hour weeks and I needed a real weekend, so I summoned my insomnia powers…

GirlAlex:  He doesn’t sleep.

BoyAlex:  …and finished the project early. After all those sleepless nights, my boss joked that I needed a vacation.

GirlAlex:  Still hadn’t slept when we met.

BoyAlex:  So I said, “how about now,” and she said, “seriously, book it right now.”  I booked a flight that day and 5 days later I grabbed the only tent I had around – a 10-person mini mansion…

GirlAlex:  You had the biggest tent there, babe.

BoyAlex:  … and had my little brother Chase drive me to the airport.

So I’m in Mexico, I’m exhausted and admittedly a little drunk (people kept buying me drinks?) And I’m wearing nearly all of my gypsy punk costumery (maybe that’s why…) coming out of the airport.

© Gilad Kfir -

GirlAlex:  My baby’s soooo pretty.

BoyAlex:  And this cabbie pulls up, I hop in and ask him his name and he introduces himself as “ Alejandro.”

So I get excited. “My name is Alexander!”

Then he got really excited and started waving his arms around. “We should celebrate! And it’s a half hour drive. We should grab some beers for the road!”

GirlAlex:  That happens to him a lot. With cabbies and with beer.

BoyAlex:  We drive to the gas station, buy too many Tecaté, and head to the ferry. While we’re driving he tells me “you and me are tacayos” which is Spanish for natural friends with the same first name and how special it is to find one – tacayos are your best friends.

GirlAlex:  My tacayo pulled up at the beach in the back of a golf cart looking like a hippie hatter. And he comes over to say hi to everyone.

BoyAlex:  And I meet Alex. I tell her I’m Alex too.

GirlAlex:  You made a joke about us being Alex squared.

BoyAlex:  Then she said, actually we’re Alex cubed.

GirlAlex:  My middle name is also Alex. I’m Alexandra Alex.

BoyAlex:  Later at the bar, after an entire morning of rafting and ranting together, I finally started flirting with her…hard. Just as I leaned in, a big gust came in off the water and knocked over this plank of driftwood with the bar menu on it. The end of it whacked her right on the head.

GirlAlex:  Yup. It did.

BoyAlex:  And I yelled, “It’s a sign!”

GirlAlex:  Yup. You sure did…

Then he made sure I was ok. He was completely charming and I was completely concussed.

BoyAlex:  The booze and the concussion were clearly in my favor.

GirlAlex:  Anyone who’s been in love knows it’s a lot like brain damage.

BoyAlex:  We spent the next 3 days together.

GirlAlex:  And the next day, and the next, and the next…

BoyAlex:  We lied, there is a moral to this story – beware of signs, some of them are real.


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