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Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 8.58.45 PM4 PLEASURABLE HACKS on SEASONAL EATING for BUSY URBANITES!

You’ve got things to do, a busy life, work, friends, family, and you eat out often enough to make your kitchen jealous.

You’re smart, so yes you could probably give your own lecture on the topic – but actually putting seasonal eating into practice just slips between your fingers.


Always invest into quality foods! Your body is the most important element in your world! Photo credit Instagram @the_2500

You’re not on a charming homestead growing your own food, you’re in an undersized, overpriced urban apartment and you probably don’t remember exactly what kind of foods are seasonal beyond the plain ol’ tomato and strawberry. Make that double as tricky if you live somewhere where you didn’t grow up.

Great news, you don’t have to get all mental about it, and spend hours on Wikipedia studying all the seasonal foods of your bio-region.


Add seasonal fruit to your breakfast! Photo credit Instagram @the_2500


Photo credit Instagram @the_2500

Here’s the EASIEST, most pleasurable FOUR solutions to becoming a Seasonal Eater by learning in a feel-good, experimental way.

This is how to rock seasons without having to force, push or guilt yourself into making it happen. What a relief to GROW with FLOW!


1. Keep it Simple.

Start building your Seasonal repertoire by mastering ONE funky local vegetable this season.

Befriend that one lil’ guy. Get to know its character and all the different ways it wants to play on your plate. Take yellow beets for example, and learn that you can eat both their beet-y part, and their greens.

Whole new level for you: “Beet greens are actually more nutritious than the beets, containing twice the potassium and are exceptionally high in beta carotene and folic acid.” Try adding those greens to a stir fry, or using the golden (yellow) beet to make a beet puree with roasted garlic. Also, keep an eye out for it in restaurants. Now that you’ve got your attention focused on it, you’re more likely to see it around. 



Start adding beet to your daily juice! Photo credit: Instagram by the_2500


Carrots are another amazing seasonal vegetable that is great in fresh squeezed juice. Photo credit: Instagram by the_2500

2. Keep it Local.

If its local, it’s most likely in season. There’s tons of restaurants that pride themselves on their local fare, or you can go to a Farmer’s Market and look for “local” signs, or even your neighborhood WholeFoods and look for the “local” labels on produce. How EASY is that? If you don’t know, now you know. You can find where the local food is on


Photo credit: Found on “Lamb Before Thyme” Blog posted on November 18, 2012 (


Photo credit: Instagram by the_2500

3. Keep it Easy Going.

Accept where you’re at today. Whether you’re making your own seasonal jams, or you’re just starting out by bravely venturing beyond Kale – you’re perfect where you are.
Keep your mindset on PROGRESS not perfection. One new seasonal food that you rock this season will be a long-term, sustainable win that will become automated into your bank-of-knowledge and auto-habits when it comes to eating. You’ll grow your repertoire organically with time, so celebrate and enjoy the process. Tell your inner perfectionist to pipe down and sip a smoothie.



Photo credit: Instagram by the_2500

4. Keep it Magical.

Fiddlehead ferns, morel mushrooms, zucchini flowers – blink and you can miss it. How many magical foods are not making passionate love to your tongue’s taste buds every single season? There’s so much magic in the Earth, and it’s begging you to take it. Here’s a cool trick: imagine asking your waiter, “Excuse me, Sir/Ma’am, what would you recommend that’s in season right now?”  They can often helpful with this and can enjoy your next-level mindset! Experiment! Get that new thing on the menu, and stop playing it safe and boring. Keep tasting until you strike gold for your self. Life is about pleasure – seek it.



Photo credit: Instagram by the_2500

Now To You!

Got a favorite, lesser-known seasonal food?
Have a funny story about, “that one time when…” related to seasonal eating bloopers?
Sitting on a juicy question about seasonal eating?
Cracking down with a frustration about why seasonal eating never seems to work for you?

TELL US! Let’s talk via the comments section! Perhaps exactly what you know is exactly what someone else needs to read about, so share it! We’re only alive once, use your voice and be heard here!


Photo credit: Instagram by the_2500

“Eat my fruits.
I made them for you.

I know exactly what you need,
when you need it.

I know it before you’ll even think of it,
as I start to grow,
and anticipate your future,
from my fertile seeds.

Eat, feast, gorge yourself.
It’s all here for you, to enjoy.

It’s all coming out of the ground,
at exactly the right time.
It’s all been aligned with your climate,
in exactly the place you’re at.
It’s all been refined and revised,
for thousands of years of experience.
It’s all done for you,
so don’t think too much.

What else is there for you to do,
but laugh and enjoy life?”

– Mother Nature (as interpreted by Coach Antonia).

Your Greatest Fan,

Coach Antonia


Photo credit: Instagram by the_2500

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