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Fall in The Big Apple!




I don’t like comparing New York to other places on Earth, because, even though my beloved Big Apple has been steadily holding my heart for the past 16 years, there are other unique places on this planet that are equally impressive! However, year after year I find myself falling in love with NY over and over again during this one seasonal transition. You see, there’s this amazing period of time between the scolding hot summer and the surprisingly freezing winter, when NYC becomes more magical than ever and it feels like the finest velvet to your skin.

And it’s now!




It’s that time of the year in New York again. Warm rays of sun become precious and you slowly start pulling out favorite sweaters, accepting the fact that soon you will need more than just a thin layer of cashmere between your skin and the cool ocean breeze sweeping the streets of the city.  Layers are now necessary as nights get cooler and days get shorter.

Your daily iced coffee turns into hot and you now close all but one windows at night.

There are no more nightingales in the backyard singing you to sleep and at some point you realize that the last visit to the beach already happened.

That’s my fall in New York.

But there’s so much more…





There’s always that first time you see a yellow crown in a park and notice how it matches the yellow cab, parked outside a typical Brooklyn brick stoop building. Your local farmers market suddenly drowns in shades of orange and burgundy and you start noticing pumpkins on neighbor’s stoops.

And there’s that first time you catch yourself tucking your cold nose into his neck during a hug by the front door, saying goodbye in the morning.

Midtown smells like hot coffee that is soon to be replaced by the smell of roasted chestnuts. You breathe inn the smell, smile and start walking towards your day. Yellow cabs flying by, dancing by the yellow and orange domes of flowers, that come October 1st, suddenly appear along side all doorman buildings in the city.



There’s that first time you notice people wearing serious outerwear rushing to work in the morning.  People watching now becomes multi-layer interesting.

And then there’s that warm aroma of the earth after the rain, that all of a sudden smells like fall.

Fall let’s you know that it’s here.

And it’s gentle and soft.

It’s painted in gold and burgundy with every shade in between, it’s alive, breathing, giving out aromas that remind you of the circle of life and the upcoming change.

And you just know that part of it this city. Fall in this particular city.

The one that smells like coffee and ocean, sometimes even at the same time! The one that changes in day from the most pleasant of days to a nasty storm, that rips off garbage can lids and breaks off tree branches in the park. Only to greet you with sun and clear sky the next morning, like a lover, who wants you to stay.

And so this is my New York fall.

I hope you feel it now too.



Beaded top – Zara

Knitted cashmere skirt- Doo.Ri

Cardigan – GF Ferre

Scarf- vintage Christian Dior

Clutch- Banana Republic

Sunnies- vintage

Shoes – Ralph Lauren, Purple Label

Socks- H&M



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