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By Saida M.


Perhaps the greatest misconception about festival-wear and festival looks revolve around their being “costumes” and therefore some sort of façade when in actuality the opposite is true.  These festivals and events (such as Burning Man and Lightning in a Bottle, to name a couple of the bigger ones) are actually an outlet for who people feel they really are underneath all that “normal” we pretend to be on daily basis. These events are where you can wear whatever you want and no one will think twice about why…. Most of the impressive personas you might spot shining brightly in the dusty deserts, decked out in custom-made headpieces and armor and are not playing roles. No, really! Most of the people I know rather genuinely feel more like themselves in this colorful world of  the music- and art-events we call festivals.  There are many colors in this rainbow and you don’t even have to know yours to fit in, you can discover it along the way. In my experience, most people do. And that is why I think that what you see on the pictures  in this post is the not-so-distant future of fashion. Yes, you heard me right.

“I think we are slowly progressing towards another leap in the evolution of fashion.”

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I think that we are slowly progressing towards another leap in the evolution of fashion. I dare predict that within the next 20 years, as technology catches up with our imagination, we will be seeing what we put on more as an extension of ourselves than as clothes and accessories. Radical self-expression will become something everyone does.

Radical expression opens you up to embracing who really you are and teaches you to build upon it. During my own path towards embracing myself I found a lot of opportunity for self-expression in my headpieces.  After having made a few horned and feathered creations, I realized that I’d found a new passion (you might have seen my work on Instagram).

So I started an Inspiration folder on my computer where I now collect and save all that catches my eye and sparks ideas about looks for Burning Man and other festivals. And starting today, I will share with you selections from my collection on a regular basis. The tag will be called #Inspiration and you can look it up anytime to find all that which inspires me in one place. Enjoy!




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