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Be curly! Testimonials!

Here’s a post with the results of your co-washing experiment as promised! I must admit I didn’t even hope there would be SO many of you who decided to try and switch to the system! I’m very proud of you, my dear curly ladies (and, as it turned out, not only curly ones)! And thank you for all your feedback and photos!

Let’s see now who was able to cope with the system, didn’t give it up after the first week or after the first conditioner brand that didn’t work for them. These ladies are enjoying the results of their accomplishments and now inspiring others with their success!

And just on a side note- like any other beauty system this one does not work for everyone, it’s quite personal, and switching to co-washing system can be rather painful in the beginning, but if you’ve given up on your first try, I’m sure the girls in these photos will inspire you to try it again and maybe you will try again and achieve better results! 🙂

neimovirna says: “My hair used to be frizzy, impossible to style, I had to straighten it, but the ends still  curled, and I hated my hair before trying this system. Now the curls are soft, conditioned and style well.”

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ina_tundra  says: “I’ve used no shampoo system for over a year now.  I use any conditioners/masks that are at hand/that I like – with silicon/parabens or without, doesn’t matter. I still have my hair dyed blond every three weeks, but it doesn’t effect its condition – it’s still soft, it shines, it’s alive. And it started to grow!!! I had the same hair length for 8 years, and it used to suffer from split ends. Not anymore!”


athen_a “I’ve been using co-washing system since your post, and now the hair really feels wonderful and finally started to grow!”


helenaistalking “I love my curls and take good care of them, but I first heard about the no shampoo system from your post!  I was almost desperate when I read your post (my hair was damaged by dying, it was dry and fractured), I decided to try the system in action right away. I think that you can see an obvious improvement as a result now”  
kurushka says: “…the curl itself became more well-defined, my hair now has more volume and styles so much better”.
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xalya – It’s hard to say from this photo if there’s a great difference before and after, but that’s what “xalya” wrote to me, quote: “what co-washing has really done  for me- it literally helped save my dry and sensitive scalp. My scalp used to be always itchy and I used to suffer from peeling of the skin on the scalp after shampooing. And now I have no problems at all. Curls are now formed better (the difference is rather obvious by the sea, unfortunately, there are no photos), but I have them not that often.”
tosya_b sent only an “after” photo, she’s been using the system for three years already.


natalia_mel – also has only  “after” photos. She’s a good example that this system works great on straight/wavy hair.


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And here’s another inspiring comment, unfortunately, without a photo: “…after your post I surprisingly got a really amazing red curly head (the same as the girl in “Brave” cartoon has) instead of a colorless sponge I used to have. It’s wasn’t just about changing my image, not just an upgrade in hair style, it was a small personal revolution! It’s like you  totally review your attitude towards yourself  and enjoy every moment of being curly. Thank you! I appreciate it so much!”

I’d like to thank you all again for your comments and the feedback, you’ve made me really happy and I’m so glad that I was able to show you this system! All my hours spent on a number of posts on co-washing, as well as on the answers to the comments were totally worth it!!!
You can read about my no poo experience here –>  7 YEARS WITHOUT SHAMPOO!  and 7 years without shampoo! Part II
Your curly leader,
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