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New York wings Misha Gulko


By Misha Gulko

New York city doesn’t always make sense. But what radically different idea ever has before it became a commonly accepted part of reality?

The fact that this city has flourished through so many cataclysms (both natural and man-made) and has managed to maintain its many contrasts so brilliantly distinct gives me hope that humans have a chance at survival, even being as dramatically different from one another as we are.

Take a journey through the lens of Misha Gulko and feel the colors of the Big Apple in today’s post.

New York bdsm Misha Gulko  New York stylish elderly man Misha Gulko

  New York man in a hat Misha Gulko   New York queen

New York couple

New York red glasses  New York talking on the phone

New York crazy style   Englishman New York

New York red suit

New York Bavarian dress   New York 19 century cycle

New York tribal style  New York tattooed man

New York flirt






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