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Monday Night MMF


MONDAY NIGHT MMF (male+male+female).

By guest author and TFH writer Kevin Courtney



Hello readers of Twenty Five Hundred! I have a saucy TRUE tale to share with you all. A story of a normal girl, her two swoon-worthy boyfriends, and the MMF threesome they recently engaged in. For the sake of privacy, we shall call the boys Paul and Shannon.

Quick Prologue: Paul and Shannon are my two heteroflexible-ish cis-dude partners, both pretty new to homosploration. They are very close friends. While we’ve been pretty open about what goes on behind close doors, the three of us have never actually shared a bed for sexy-times…until this past Monday night. This was a first MMF experience for us all.


Photography by Reka Nyari.

“Shannon starts giving Paul a foot rub while I massage Shannon.  It was so friggin’ tense! Everyone’s looking at each other and beingn affectionate and flirty and compassionate but there was just way too much room for the Holy Spirit.”

Details details…what is there to say? We all knew what we were meeting for. Shannon (my alpha all-American prom king with a body of a 1950s baseball player mixed with Thor) and I hung out at his house while we waited for Paul to get off work and join us. We cuddled, made out, and talked about nervousness, expectations, and internal fears. Eventually we heard meowing at the door, and there was Paul, (my sensitive, burly, bear-cub-of-a-rock-climber who looks like a Tom of Finland sailor illustration with a lesbian haircut) aglow with a bashful smile and shy swishy body language. Paul and I had spent the previous day snowboarding in deep pow at Breckenridge. Shannon had spent the day training at his gym teaching acroyoga, and interviewing for tech jobs. We all were exhausted. We all were sober. We all knew what was up.

Basically it began with us sitting on the floor chatting. “What have you guys been up to?” slyly asks Paul. Shannon starts giving Paul a foot rub while I massage Shannon. It was so friggin’ tense! Everyone’s looking at each other and being affectionate and flirty and compassionate but there was just way too much room for the Holy Spirit. To relieve my anxiety I asked, “Uh…do you mind if we cuddled in the bed?” The boys obliged. That was incredibly yummy. I felt like I was in the mushy innards of a beefcake-snuggle-pie. Shannon piped up, “What I want to know is who is going to get tied up first?” I look at both of them in disbelief. Paul says, “I think it’s Holly.” My eyes widen in nerves and panic and unconsciously whine, “Noooooo! Uh…….I mean……Hmm…” I take a moment to consider and then change my mind, “OK…Actually yes.” Paul says, “You can leave your underwear on if you want.” I think this is a great idea and strip down to my bra and panties as they tag team tie down my wrists and ankles with the already-installed under-the-bed-restraints, a birthday gift I had purchased for each of them months before. (BTW, this is a fantastic investment. Under $30 on Amazon, super comfortable, effective, and hilariously surprising with a new lover when you’re making out on your bed. Even Shannon with his Thor-like strength cannot escape its grip! However, if you do surprise someone, make sure to check in before ACTUALLY tying him or her down. ‪#‎Consent) They blindfold me and start giving me a strong handed 4-palm massage. At one point I hear Paul go, “Oh fuck…this isn’t…” and then Shannon says, “Just rub it in anyway.” “What?! What is that?! What are you doing?!” I yelp blindly from my vulnerable spot on the bed. Shannon goes, “Shhhhh. Be quiet. It’s fine. We were using the wrong oil.” The boys start to giggle. Then out come the weird sensations. They start using feathers, fabrics, wartenberg wheel, and hot moist breath on me. I can hear them whispering. I can kind of see them motioning to stuff from behind the blindfold. Super sensual…getting more and more close to intimate areas.

“Skip ahead to some X-rated teamwork. My my my.

Exactly what you think. (Are you thinking

about getting head from two guys who

know your body really well at once?  Because I am.)”

etc…etc…etc… Skip ahead to some X-rated teamwork. My my my. Exactly what you think. (Are you thinking about getting head from two guys who know your body really well at once? Because I am.)


Photography by Reka Nyari.

At this point I am insanely aroused. They remove my blindfold and start slowly making out with each other over my splayed-open restrained body. I hate that I can’t move or touch them. Paul’s hands caress Shannon’s face as Shannon nuzzles into his beard. Gah! Gah! Gah! My life! Whaaaaaat the heck. Let me free let me free let me free! I am straining at my cuffs, craving any sort of body warmth and contact. And then just like that, they sadistically smile at each other and leave the room. I am left strapped down (now naked) in the bed, alone, manically laughing in frustration. I uncontrollably start screaming: “ FUCK YOU GUYS! UGHHH! WHYYYYYYYY! Whyyyy….Ughhhhhhhhasdlfkjasd;lfkj;alksdjf;lkajsdfjlkasdf……I hate you I hate you I hate you. YOU SUCK! Ugh…. Fuckkkkkk…. Grrrrrr……fuckfuckfuckfuckFUCKIHATEYOUCOMEBACKKKKKKKKKKK……………” (I totally forgot Shannon had roommates. Oops!) Minutes pass. I try my hardest to stop whimpering. Let me tell you, it was friggin hard. But eventually, after I’ve been silent for about two minutes or so, they strut back in the room. This time Shannon is naked except for a pair of cowboy boots, golden bow tie, leather hat, and huge grin. (We’ve always said he’d make for amazing bachelorette party entertainment.) Paul is wearing a kimono and a golden laurel wreath. He swivels around the room and smiles with mischievous bright eyes. (Paul enjoys wearing femme clothes from time to time and knows I am a useless puddle of desire at the sight him in anything I loosely interpret as drag.) I start laughing with relief and out of the ridiculousness of the situation as they strut around put on a fashion show for me. I am hit with a wave of love for my boys and their specific brand of weird. No wonder we all get along. We play a bit more until they both agree it’s time to untie me and that Shannon is next.


Working with Paul on my team is awful fun. Especially when he looks at me expectantly, nodding at Shannon’s cock as if to say, “Well…come on! That thing isn’t gonna suck itself!” (Reassurance that everyone was having a good time and encouragement to participate made me feel sexy-safe! Beforehand I was kind of concerned that the guys were not as okay with it as they were telling me they were.)

In the end, we had a lot of fun. We all took turns teaming up and tying each other down for erotic massages, and then mixed it up with a chaotic three-for-all. (My favorite.) Triple making out = swoon city. So is fooling around in a triple decker sandwich. Climaxes were climaxed and it was especially fun to witness Paul witnessing Shannon’s orgasm. Shannon cums like a spastic freight train in a tornado. I remember yelling to Paul, “Hold him down! Hold him down!” Paul goes, “Shannon. Dude. I had no idea…” I said, “[Shannon’s other partner] and I have bonded over this, haha!” Every once in a while it got a bit overwhelming, and one of us would call a time-out where we’d sit in a circle on the bed, breathing, connecting, and checking in with each other. That was incredibly important and valuable, and to be honest, just doing that (the intimate breathing, sharing love, and checking in) would have been earth-shatteringly-phenomenal on its own. The time-outs were actually one of my favorite parts of the evening. I just loved that we all felt safe and empowered enough to ask the party to slow down, rewind, and take a second to think, express, and advocate for ourselves. These guys are a special breed of men. I seriously adore them.


Photography by Reka Nyari.

At times, I found myself a little scared/embarrassed/ashamed to ask for what I wanted. But the guys were patient, knew my silence was bullshit, and waited until I became brave enough to communicate my desires. We talked about all of this in real time, and it was fascinating to observe myself clam up, when I am usually much more sexually confident. (The fact that they know me well probably helped.) I just kept having a hard time trusting that they were totally fine with me being sexual in the presence of the other and I think I was afraid of unintentionally disappointing/hurting them. (I feel a lot better about it now.)

There were some minor issues with getting/staying erect. I think it was due to nerves, attempts at overcoming ego in the presence of another guy, and the amount of new and overwhelming stuff going on in the moment. It really wasn’t a big deal but it did color the situation as the affected (and frustrated) party(ies) were reassured that it was fine fine fine. A mental refocusing of participation to a role of giving seemed to help. While this prevented some pre-discussed fantasies of the evening from being achieved, I would by no means say that it nullified our threesome. Not all hot sex involves a pussy/cock penetration.

Our MMF ended with us all snuggled up naked in bed, expressing love and gratitude for each other, commenting about how the guys have influenced each other’s sex tool kits without knowing it, and chatting about mundane things like pull-ups, snowboard technique, snow quality, David Bowie, steak, and gym memberships.

In conclusion, my MMF was an awesome novelty; very playful and exploratory. Paul said it was like watching the National Geographic channel at times. I would recommend it if you like having fun with boys. Especially if you already have open/bi-male partners that are super close with each other. Paul, Shannon, and I have plans for a round 2. (Paul is kicking himself that he didn’t suck Shannon’s cock. “It was right there! Why didn’t I go for it?!) I really loved how open-ended-encouraging we all were with each other. Already, we have very sex-positive “Be safe and whatever makes you happy makes me happy,” and “You had a sexy date? Tell me all about it!” sort of relationships. But this was just taking it to a whole other level of reassurance, bonding, and support. However, at the end of the day, I think I prefer connected old-fashioned vanilla MF sex the best. Or maybe, connected old-fashioned vanilla MF sex when you’re both fantasizing about the MMF threesome you just had.

The End.

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