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Love your body.


Are you curious about how you feel about your body?

Do you ever wonder how much you actually love yourself?

If you really want to know, then- dance! Alone or in a crowd, just close your eyes and start moving. Feel your body move, feel every muscle, acknowledge your shape and use it.

Love it.

Speak with it.

Now just feel.

No need to ask questions, just ask a person to dance and watch them tell a story through movement, of feelings about their body and self image. I find that people who are comfortable dancing in public are usually more comfortable with their body image than those who prefer to stay in the shadows. I think that dance is one of the most honest expressions of feelings towards our bodies. It’s one of the most important dialogues we are no longer having, no longer learning from birth. Not anymore, but it used to be part of every culture. Why did we lose touch with the most primal way of self-expression? Why did we forget the dance?

A few months ago I suddenly noticed that my dance style has changed. I move differently, my eyes are more often closed than opened. I get up and dance spontaneously at home to my Spotify stations, sometimes we shake it off with Anastasia during the day, and then there are Burning Man style parties, where I dance in a completely different way. But I now always feel the music from within, it’s like it pumps through the pulse in my arteries. And I no longer care who’s around, I dance for myself and it’s a very new feeling.

I also realize that I love my body differently now that I’m way past 30, than ever before. It makes me want to dance more honesty and in a different way than before. It’s like finally learning how to give your body a voice to express itself- you feel from within how it wants to react to the music and you move accordingly. The two of you talk.

When I look at the dancers in videos below, all I want to do is just soak up this beautiful feeling of self expression; emotion visualized through motion; the way every dancer has this precise knowledge of their body’s every muscle and how clear the dialogue between them is.

And I wish we brought back into our daily lives this forgotten tradition of self expression. Dancing should be taught from the start, along with walking.

Imagine if suddenly everyone understood the language of their bodies and started paying attention to it?!

Be that in movement or in stillness.

A lot of us would change.




 Sergei Polunin

“Take Me to Church” by Hozier

Directed by David LaChapelle



 Mikhail Baryshnikov & Lil Buck

for Rag + Bone

Short Film, Electronic soundtrack by “Venetian Snares”,

Directed by Georgie Greville

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