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Because our writers are a huge part of our tribe, we’d like to bring your attention to a new series here on the blog- Meet Our Writers! Once a week we will be making a special introduction and stories by one of our stars here on TFH. We hope that will bring your attention to all the amazing talent that makes up this blog and maybe even make you follow some of our story tellers! All contributors can be found by name #tags and also under the main category Guest Writers up in our Main Menu.




Girtrude Belle is a complex urban creature. She has a few too many academic degrees and a few too many outfits. She has studied law, philosophy and comparative literature but would mostly like to talk about the art of living beautifully and how to find perfection in an imperfect world. You can speak to her in English, Russian, Hebrew, French, Italian, Ukrainian, and Spanish. She’ll understand but will probably reply in (a rather salty) English. A New Yorker for the past 15 years, she grew up in Tel Aviv and San Francisco with stints, long and short, in San Diego, LA, Chicago, Mexico City and Paris. She swears she’ll leave it all behind one day to raise goats and chickens, and finds herself currently in the Caucasus with nary a desire to look back.

Here are some of her stories and illustrations:


men can't handle being dumped 

MEN CAN’T HANDLE BEING DUMPED – “You know what I’ve noticed lately? Men can’t handle being dumped. I’m not talking about long, “real” relationships, so chill out. I’m talking about the casual dumping which happens after relationships that last no longer than a few weeks or months at most. Where you realize that, for whatever reason, it’s just not for you. And you know it very well. And you know exactly why. And you know that any “it’s not you it’s me” or “it’s not me it’s (definitely) you” or any explanation at all will either make matters worse or needlessly drag things on.”



SEX AND TBILISI It appeared I’d fallen hard for the brazen Franco-Russian pilot-pianist-polyglot. So hard that, to my great chagrin, my yoga, meditation practice, and three years of spiritual work all but dissipated into thin air when he informed me that he’d be “unavailable, dear” on our penultimate evening together.”


gila 2

JADED-SCHMADED – “I”m so jaded…that the other day when I read the tinder bio of a man who professed to “believe in true love” (they’re out there) I found myself thinking “well, I’m not for you, because I don’t, and you deserve someone who does – someone delusional!”



Most Likely, I fucked Your Boyfriend. –  “Most likely I fucked your boyfriend. Seriously. Most likely I’ve even fucked your husband. And most likely, he was the one to seek me out, say nothing about your existence, tell me how he’d been in love with me via Facebook for years, and only after getting in my pants, he most likely told me about the tragedy that is your codependent relationship and, oh, about your impending motherhood. Or maybe he didn’t mention you at all and only talked about how long he’s dreamed of having me.”


  • All illustrations by Girtrude Belle
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