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Hello, world! Are you ready to start your week with the best reads?

In today’s post: Great news – USA Supreme Court has finally legalized gay marriage, followed by the scientific research which proves that there is no difference between kids raised in the same-sex and opposite-sex families; a look inside the healing power of belly dance, by my Friend Jackie; a muct read if you are or know an Empath; optimistic future of education – a new sentimental school created by Tilda. Also take a look at this kind and inspirational video that makes you believe in goodness in people. Get ready for a fantastic underground park in NY coming soon and other news. Are you intrigued? 🙂

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Happy Monday! I wish you all had a great week!

1. Loving & Understanding an Empath – I highly recommend reading this article if you are or have an Empath in your life. I am an Empath and until recently I had no idea how to deal with this level of involvement with other. It’s a blessing to be able to feel people around me on this level, but unless you can or have learned to change the wave of your vibration you can easily get drained into the worst kind of depression and emotional weight by people you tune into. It’s as important to understand this for yourself as it is for others. (

2. Supreme Court Rules Gay Marriage Is a Nationwide Right – AMAZING NEWS! We have finally crossed into the 21st century! There was be a huge celebration last Sunday at Pride Parade! (

3. A sentimental education: inside the school that Tilda built– I firmly believe that this is the future of education. “…no exams, no tests, no hierarchies, no sitting at desks”. (

4. Dance your Divine: The Healing Power of Belly Dance – Healing power of dance for men and women alike is highly underestimated. This article by my dear friend Jacqueline gives you a glimpse of her experience with belly dancing and the effect it had on her in this beautiful piece. (

5. No difference in kids with same-sex, opposite-sex parents: study – This article should be forwarded to all the homophobes in this world! “Consensus is overwhelming in terms of there being no difference in children who are raised by same-sex or different- sex parents,” University of Oregon sociology professor Ryan Light said on Tuesday. “(

6. Coming Soon (And We Can’t Hardly Wait): The First-Ever Underground Park in NYC –  Love the Highline? Well, then it’s great new for you – they plan to create a Lowline in New York City and it will be  an underground NYC park. And it’ll be absolutely fantastic, no doubts about it. (

7. Upworthy – Please watch this amazing and inspirational video! “Mason Wartman abandoned his life on Wall Street to start a pizza shop. Everything was normal until a customer gave Mason an idea that’s garnered national attention.”

Mason Wartman abandoned his life on Wall Street to start a pizza shop. Everything was normal until a customer gave Mason an idea that’s garnered national attention.

Posted by Upworthy on Wednesday, March 4, 2015





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