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By Saida M.

In the worst attack in US history against our beloved LGBT community on June 12th in Orlando, 49 lives were taken. On June 16th we answered back! For every life that was taken,  one person kissed a same sex partner for one minute in the middle of Union Square.   ❤️

This is what happened.


I am blown away, touched, turned inside out, gushing out all the feelings about what we accomplished together that day. Our video shows how it felt, thanks to Dennis Cahlo, who shot and edited it.

Please don’t ever take for granted how blessed we are to be able to freely express our love in public! Nothing can change that. Not even one mad man with a gun.

Last Thursday night we honored those who were lost, but we also sent out a message that for a moment in everyone’s hearts eclipsed the pain associated with the reason for our gathering. A message of love and acceptance. And I am blown away by the reactions of strangers who came by and expressed their awe at our beautiful, diverse, amazing crowd! It once again makes me believe that love will always win, because it’s contagious.

So, let’s kiss, love, share, invite, smile and give back always and without hesitation!

Thank you all beautiful people for making this happen! Without you and Dennis Cahlo this would have just been another idea in my head.  Everyone who came, shared the event, invited people made this happen, so please don’t thank me!

Please know that each and every one of you can make a huge difference today by publicly acknowledging that Love has no boundaries or limits! Thank you all those who participated for sending such a powerful message of support to those affected by the tragedy and to those who need it!

Forever in love with our New York tribe and our online community at Twenty Five Hundred!

And remember ‪#‎LoveIsLove‬ so ‪#‎KeepKissing‬ (and keep tagging. )

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Saida and the tribe!

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