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Stories From Our Readers.


By Olga Basyanya.



This is a story about people of one tribe. It’s about people who are close by the spirit, but separated by distance. This story is about tuning into yourself and your intuition in order to hear when these senses tell you that the person in front of you is a kin spirit. And so when moments of such happiness occur in life, they are inevitably followed by life changing events. As they should. 

And the greatest thing about such meetings and transformations is the infinity of the process! You keep on building the connection with these people of your tribe and your worlds merge creating a common, intertwined web, where every plays a nurturing part. And so this special world, filled with the love of your close ones, comes back to you over and over again, filling you with new energy, new thoughts and fresh ambitions.

It all started a long time ago, back in 2009, with a very sad event. Michael Jackson died. The news, of course, had a strong impact on me in the first few hours, but I didn’t really dedicate much attention to it.  Work and chores don’t wait. But came the evening and I started feeling something I have never felt before. Like something unexpressed, as if you hadn’t given it enough thought, hadn’t paid enough attention. And then I realized it was in fact his death that felt this way. After all, I clearly remember his interview with Oprah Winfrey, which I saw when I was a child, and how I was impressed with the bright, kind and sincere smile of this great person on the screen.

My desire to look back at some of his work, to try to understand how he had lived in the past years took me to website. And there, in one of the forums I saw some newly created topics that had to do with what just happened, I read some of the comments and suddenly realized I was not alone that night. People were crying and sharing their pain in comments, because it was difficult for them to explain the reason for these tears in real life, to people around them. I wasn’t ready to submerge into the grief yet, but it was incredibly touching to me to be here.

And then some cheerful comments to one of the photos sparked my attentions. I remember the photo so clearly: Michael was wearing a pair of gold pants and a blue shirt, and it was these golden pants that made us smile. A few girls used their sense of humor to cheer people up and made comments to the photo as if he was still safe and sound… Laughter through tears! I joined the conversation on the pants and in a few hours the mood changed. I was smiling. And I felt these girls laughing too.

Shortly after we were promptly asked to tone down the joking and respect the grieving mood of the forum, so we so we decided to create our own place to mourn the loss in our own way. We quickly contacted each other and created a group in And that’s when it all started! Yes, there were tears, there were essays on how we grieve and how Michael’s work had influenced our views on life; we shared albums and were no longer shy to show any emotions! We cried, we laughed, we supported each other and confessed our love! After a while the first wave of grief had passed, and it was only laughter left! Our sense of humor was very similar, we found ourselves to be so tuned into each other that we couldn’t stop laughing all day long, going to catch 2-3 hours of sleep and coming back to the group. I have to admit, I have never laughed like this in my entire life! I laughed with all mу heart, laughed until cried, laughed myself into pieces!

In about a month we had found ourselves so bonded and connected that no other life made sense anymore. We all lived in different cities: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kiev, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Volgograd, Vladikavkaz… We had created a close family in our internet home, and in it love and creativity had no end. It soon became clear that we need to meet in real life.

And we did! We organized a meeting in Moscow for Halloween that was widely celebrated by Michael’s fans. There were so many flashmobs and mass events dedicated to his work! We could not have chosen a better time to meet!

And it all turned out even better than we imagined! We danced all night, walked the endless streets of Moscow, talked for hours and just couldn’t get enough of each other. We took photos, laughed and cried, confessed our loves, we felt excitement like little kids, drowning in our own unbelievable happiness.

It became obvious to all of us that we were somehow connected to each other, not just words and letters on the computer screen anymore.

So we started to meet in different cities for different occasions. Our shared taste in music also took us to new heights in the world music. We went to concerts together, and when we couldn’t all attend together, we shared our sincere impressions with each other.

And so until this very day we are still very much fully emerged in the world of music together. But we also know for sure that we have each other. We have each other for emotional support and also to share our experiences on how this or that musician had an impact on our lives and on our souls with his tunes.

And the feeling of knowing that you are not alone on this Planet of yours  gives you wings. To know that your inner world, that has been formed in your childhood, is in tune with these other people is truly a real life miracle. It gives  you confidence and inspires to take action in life. It helps you to not be afraid, to go forward, to step over routine in pursuit of true to self.

Life has significantly changed for many girls in our group since the time we met. Some have since gained wholeness, some started to believe in their best future, some said goodbye to the past, that didn’t turn out to be as they had imagined.

And the most important part of this story is that now the number of happy people living on this planet has increased by the members of our small family! Because as it is impossible to miss the shining eyes and bright smiles of my girls, it’s impossible to not see that!

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