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Every morning I am reborn a Woman.


With every first breath of the day I come into my body, allowing divine energy fill this beloved vessel of a body with golden enchantment.


Every morning I come into my strength anew with arms wide open to life.


And as I prepare for the day ahead in my morning mantra I uphold the women who came before me. Strong warriors, fearless rebels, eternal lovers, survivors and believers, carrying their mighty light that is now in my DNA, passed on to me by the females of my clan.


I honor the fighter spirit of my mother, whose infinite wisdom and softest femininity inspire me to be more a Woman. I send love to my maternal grandmother, my black widow of the family, who’s buried every man she has ever loved, including her son. A woman capable of so much love and compassion that it makes my soul sing with admiration, and a spirit with whom, I realize now, I have more in common that I would like to admit.


I say my thanks for the spirit of my paternal grandmother, who in time a fear followed her love into a political exile, bearing him two children in gulags and eventually winning the entire family a pardon in 1953.


I am grateful for every woman in my bloodline. This spiritual ancestry always gives me strength in the times of weakness, when I succumb to the doubts of my human mind. In these hard moments my ancestor’s fighting spirits come rushing to my rescue, filling me with force and confidence to rise over ashes like a sphinx. Wings unfolded, dusted off, ready to fly again.


This is my love mantra for the bloodline of Divine feminine in me, for every woman who came before me, for the accumulated experience passed on to me by generations of females of my clan.


And I end my silent chanting with proclamation of love for my own spirit, made stronger by wisdom, made free by love, made scolding by fire that runs through my veins.




P.S. This came to me in meditation a couple of weeks ago and I have been practicing it every morning since then. 

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