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By Antonia K.


This is Antonia of , and I’m a resident guest writer here at TwentyFiveHundred.  I focus on all things health, happiness and eco related! Saida did a nice little introduction about me HERE! Today we’re here to explore how healthy the fashion industry in its production of clothes – and what you can do to help!

Dressing well can be expensive, but it shouldn’t have to cost you your values.

Fashion is often judged as being a superficial industry. That’s a pretty funny stereotype when consulting the facts.

According to Business of Fashion, “globally, fashion is a $1.5 trillion dollar industry.”

It employs tens of millions of people worldwide, and dictates the lives of millions of animals, plants and the environment at large.
How can something so vast and deeply rooted be superficial?

One thing is sure: the fashion industry is powerful, and as its drivers and consumers, so are we.

This is why it is important to recognize that we have a CHOICE.

Just as important as choosing our own personal look, it is equally important that we have the freedom to be as selective and thoughtful in the ethics and values of the brands we buy.

Why shouldn’t we wear clothes made by people who are treated well and in ways that protect our precious ecosystems? The companies we trust to express our individuality on the front end, through clothes, shoes and accessories, must express our beliefs on the back end with their business practices.

2697297072_a493322631_o (1)
Photo Credit: Marissa Orton (CC)

If you look at the fashion landscape today, there is good news to celebrate. There has been a lot of positive change towards green, conscious eco-fashion.

However, there is still a lot of atrocity that proves our work is nowhere near done.

Two of the biggest issues are environmental damage and lack of transparency in production, which means human rights abuses.

That’s how we have things like massive pollution, water depletion, chemical use, increased oil dependency, sweatshops burning down with people inside, and no transparency with the final consumer.

That could feel like a lot to take on and solve alone – large problems in far away places, no one to answer for it, and giant consequences.

The truth is, we’re not alone – we are in this together. And there are things we can do.

One great method is to raise awareness through social media by staying informed yourself and sharing news with your community. Also, directly tweeting at brands to engage them in constructive dialogue on these topics can create impact too.

The other big change we can make is in our shopping practices. There are new brands who are ready to bring more consciousness into our closets, with style.

awaveawake (1)

Two such brands in NYC are Reformation ( and AWAVEAWAKE ( Reformation uses sustainable materials, vintage clothes, and deadstock fabric to produce their clothes in a factory they own. AWAVEAWAKE, started by a Kundalini Yogi, uses ethically sourced fabric colored by all-natural plant-based dyes. Both brands make beautiful clothes that aren’t just the right choice for ethical reasons – but also ‘cause they look so friggen good.


But no outfit is finished without a bag, right? That’s why there’s Generation Generous  – their statement bag saves 25 plastic bottles out of the landfill for each bag purchased, pays fair wages, and funds basic life needs for people with the profits.

generation generoys (1)

It’s our right to know how our clothes are made and have a voice in the matter. If you want to be part of the solution then stay curious, get informed, take action and be positive (even if it gets hard). We are the change we’ve been waiting for – so lets do it in style!

Already an eco-fashionista? What sustainable, conscious brands do you know and love? Share in the comments.




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