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Saida Mouradova leaving Brooklyn


By Saida

One day when my New York City will be talked about the way Madonna’s generation talks about its New York City, I will no doubt see everything in a different light. But for now, this is just “my life”, my experience. For now it’s just my ups, my downs, my new and wonderful beginnings. 
Leaving Brooklyn street style

There’s no stranger feeling than leaving Brooklyn, the city that has formed and become part of your very identity, but the time has come to write a new chapter.

My eighteen year love affair with New York is filled with so many different stories, that it would fill tomes. I even managed to be married for a while there. No kidding. The years I spent working as a designer could provide ample material for a Devil Wears Prada-type memoire or two. Some characters from those days still make me smile, while others…will have to be carefully pried out of the depths of my memory.

Yes, leaving Brooklyn and New York and my 18 years of experience in here is hard.


“Because this city is like an amusement park – no matter how scary the ride might get, nothing at all compares to the pure adrenaline rush of its most exhilarating moments. And you always want to go again.”


This city, quite literally and in many ways, has made me who I am. As a result, and after no small amount of wandering, it ultimately brought me to my Tribe. I found my people and finally understood that I was not alone in this world. I will remember this city the way one remembers in the morning an incredible night, after which you’re left with a funny feeling in your throat from all the cigarettes you smoked, your whole body aches from dancing, and your temples throb from dehydration, but you feel pure bliss from yet another epic adventure.  For three years “That was EPIC!” was the phrase my young man and I would say to one another after each adventure, completely convinced each time that we had reached the apex, the absolute apogee of awesome and that nothing could or would possibly ever top it. And each time, something would. Always and up until the present day. 

It gets better every time!

Because this city is like an amusement park – no matter how scary the ride might get, nothing at all compares to the pure adrenaline rush of its most exhilarating moments. And you always want to go again.

saida mouradova by yulia pogodina lase dress look bushwick brooklyn    _jps5858

New York will forever remain my favorite love affair, the most transformative and, thus far, the longest. It has given me freedom, helped me to know myself, gave me more trouble than I had expected, and ultimately it has given me wings the likes of which I couldn’t have imagined if I’d tried. I’ve been happy here and I adore this city and my tribe, both of which are now a part of me. 

And now I am leaving Brooklyn, after 18 years, it’s time for us to bid each other farewell for a while, because even an amusement park can get tiresome sometimes. Because the soul, however rich, sometimes needs to grow surrounded by the sea, fresh air, and palm trees.

And so the journey continues even if I am leaving Brooklyn.

To be continued…

_jps5865    leaving Brooklyn is hard

Dress – vintage,   Sweater – VINCE,   Hat – GORIN BROTHERS,   Coat – TIBI,

Necklace – no name, gift,   Sunglasses – COACH,   Socks –

Boots – Ralph Lauren Purple Label


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