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Without AC or hot water, surrounded by mind blowing nature and magical people, food so delicious it’s hard to find words to describe it and submerged in the most intellectually stimulating conversations with dear friends who all randomly and spontaneously ended up in one of the most remote places/communities in Thailand – this was my life for the first four days of 2016!


Fishermen’s boats of Samui. One of the many stops on the way to Koh Phangan.




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Samui was one of the last stops on the way, but it was also one of the most touristy places we’ve seen in Thailand.



Fishermen’s boats of Samui. On the way to Koh Phangan


“Koh Phanghan is one of the hardest places to get to in Thailand! With several car/boat/ferry and airplane rides it takes half a day out of your traveling schedule, but it was one of the most rewarding journeys for me so far.”



There are to ways two get to the final spot- boat like pictured above or a car ride on the back of the truck. Either one will have you say prayers.


Koh Phangan is one of the hardest places to get to in Thailand! With several car/boat/ferry and airplane rides it takes half a day out of your traveling schedule, but it was one of the most rewarding journeys for me so far. Known mostly for it’s Fool Moon parties that attract hoards of party-seeking youngsters, this island actually contains a small hidden paradise village known only to the few who seek solitude and like-minded spirits.


“People come here for a weekend and stay for months. The island has this effect on minds in need of recharging and souls in need of escaping.”



Bright eyed magician who got us all to this island- Arman.

Even the scariest truck ride of my live through the jungle in the middle of the night, on what I wouldn’t even call a path, much less a road, driven by a member of a local mafia ring, wasn’t enough to overshadow the incredible hiding spot that unraveled in front of our eyes the next morning.
Once the red sun rose over the milky gray cliffs and the vibrant green hills of what I can only call Paradise, that was created by those who still have hope for the world.



This is not your typical tourist spot, these are not your typical locals, these are not your typical travelers. Everything about this place is unique and well protected by those who live here. Some come to escape, some come here to find a new beginning and others have been here from the start. Police is paid off to keep the paradise free from extortion (that is very widely practiced on the rest of the island). Parties have a strong Burning Man vibe, there are detox menus and also what locals call re-tox menus. You can get a massage on the beach, participate in ecstatic dance class or do yoga every day. Dinner on a side of a huge cliff with breathtaking views of the bay will make you forget about time.
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Local fisherman rolling a joint after a day at sea. It’s seems to be a tradition here.


Local fishermen at the end of the day. Koh Phangan island


There are “upscale” $100/night cabins with AC and hot water and bungalows for $20 that have walls. People who come here don’t go on cruises or spend time in resorts. This is an experience and most will get lost in it.
DJ’s will keep you going though day into night with amazing house music, if you so wish and that alone creates a very unique environment for Thailand. It’s not club music, it’s magic. Not even the occasional nouveau-rich Russians with their female entourage (they stand out because they never make eye contact or smile at others) can ruin the vibe. These exceptions usually get brought by the tidal wave for the weekend partying and are gone by Monday. The mood here is relaxed- everyone is welcome if you made it to this remote location! The bars will serve you anything from fresh squeezed juice to mushroom shakes and it’s up to you to create your experience!

One of the yoga studios with the view of the harbor.


Alex of wears his heart on his sleeve. And many other magical items.

On weekends the crowd gets more mixed because of the influx of tourists from the neighboring resorts in other parts of the island, but by Monday afternoon it’s back to normal again and it’s detox time!

It was amazing to reunite with my dear friends Alex and Alex (read their story here) and a few other friends from New York on this side of the globe and I can’t wait to go back for a longer time to explore the Paradise that was lost on purpose.

 And I must say, this was by far one of the best beginnings of a new year to date!



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