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jacaranda bloom


Saida M



While Super Bloom has started to slowly fade into the background, LA has become drenched in purple colors of Jacaranda tree flowers. Not usually in full bloom until June, jacaranda trees are have taken the streets of LA at the end of April this time around. Drought and rainy winter are the reasons. Whatever it is, I couldn’t be happier to have moved to LA this particular year.

jacaranda photoshoot

LA has become drenched in purple colors of Jacaranda tree flowers.


I couldn’t wait to share these amazing shots with you from my last weekend. Besides the amazing backdrop, I also finally had the manpower to shoot one of my favorite outfit combos that I have been obsessed with. Long slip dress with a flowy, loose piece over it (like a silk vest in this post or kimono in this one), accompanied by super comfortable shoes and special jewelry to finish the look. Sometimes I also layer a long sleeve tee over the dress to layer the look even deeper.


LA weather has finally given me the chance to bring a lot of my layering pieces out of retirement, so I am enjoying re-discovering some parts of my wardrobe, without having the urge to shop.


One of the reasons I prefer not to shop as much as I used to is listed here. 

Another one is my wardrobe technique that helps me keep only what I actually love and wear. If you haven’t read the post on the topic yet, here’s the link. I highly recommend it for spring cleaning, if you’re planing one. It took me years to perfect this technique but it works magic! And the best part- it’s a technique that revolves around an ongoing process, so you will never have to do another wardrobe cleaning ever again!  🙂



















jacaranda LA



BAGhand made from Bali / HATGoorin Brothers /

SHOESValentino / RING and HAND JEWELRYHenri Bendel /

NECKLACEFascination Anxiety


You can find similar looks with these and similar items I wore HERE and HERE.


Here are a few places around Los Angeles where you can see Jacaranda tree in abundance:

jacaranda purple flowers

  • Paloma Street just east of Allen Avenue in Pasadena


  • Del Mar Boulevard in Pasadena


  • 3900-4200 Stansbury Avenue in Sherman Oaks


  • 9300 block of Gothic Avenue in North Hills


  • The older residential streets in Hollywood


  • North Whittier Drive in Beverly Hills


  • Index Street in Granada Hills


  • Los Robles Avenue in San Marino


jacaranda love