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The Dance Medicine We All Need and Why!

The Dance Medicine We All Need and Why!

By Coach Antonia 

Pantheon Presents will serve you Vitamin D.  But wait – what does that even mean?

Let’s face it- dancing is medicine! And on May 22nd in Brooklyn an all-female line up of DJs are going to breaking it down to the core for you! And maybe even take it up a notch!

In our exclusive interview with two of the co-founders of Pantheon Presents, Julia Hill and Nessa Norich sat down with us to explain how they founded their company, those “unicorn-level magical environments”, what brought them here and what to expect in a near future.


What is Pantheon Presents + Vitamin D?

Pantheon Presents is a conscious events company who’s goal is to help you transform-dance your way into a freedom of self expression and connection!  Deliciously simmered to perfection, the special secret sauce of the 3 co-founders is the base of this endeavor. These fearless females are focused on creating unique environments that take you out of your head and into your body. They want the  experience to be served to you on a hot plate of delicious goodness, delivered to you by the best sorceresses of music!

It’s is an events company that is about that special connection between people. Dancing isn’t just good for your health and well being, it has the power to unite and teach acceptance. Anyone who has ever made a fool of themselves on a dance floor knows that. Pantheon Presents create unicorn-level magical environments where people of all walks of life are welcomed and wanted. In alignment with their community-organizer approach, their mission is focused on inclusivity and giving people access to tools to express themselves.


Pantheon Presents recent dance parties like the morning party Shine On, the soul funk party No Wrong Turn might ring a bell, so you better not miss the upcoming event Vitamin D – which will be happening at North Brooklyn Farms from 4:00pm to 8:30pm on May 22nd.

Vitamin D will serve you …

  • Amazing music from an all female lineup
  • Healthy food and beverage with superfoods, smoothies, and elixirs made by Alchemist
  • A heartfelt community ready to pick you up at whatever level you’re ready to jump in
  • A new network


” We are driven with this love of sharing, the simple desire  to engage and look someone in the eye and share a smile.” – Julia Hill



Who’s Behind All This?

Coach Antonia: Tell us a little bit about what you were doing before Pantheon Presents? 

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Julia: My background is heavy in design and production. I went to school for visual communications and worked as a fashion director for 5 years. I’ve recently started working with an incredible creative agency, called Sub Rosa, that helps companies, brands, and organizations have more meaningful relationships with people and the world around them. The alignment between my work there and what I’m doing with Pantheon Presents is truly exciting. It was a wild ride in between full-time gigs but freelancing opened up the door for me to travel more. I was able to live in Argentina for three months and explored my passion for truly connecting, with all sorts of communities and people.


Coach Antonia: What brought you into the right time and place for being able to create Pantheon Presents?

Julia: I’ve always had an appreciation and enjoyment for connecting people – personally or digitally. About a year and a half ago I had an epiphany that it was time for me to move out of the fashion world and start a new career. As I was making this transition, I met Nessa and was really inspired by what she was doing. We talked about community and this idea of non-exclusivity, NYC can feel exclusive – especially with my background being in fashion. It felt so dry to me.
My new goal was to connect people. It seemed like a great progression, being aligned with these two powerful women, realizing our powers together to create a beautiful space for people to feel safe and enjoy with open doors to all walks of life.

Coach Antonia: I see your strong desire to connect with people, and can relate. It’s about heart connection – isn’t it? 

Julia: We are driven with this love of sharing, the simple desire  to engage and look someone in the eye and share a smile. It’s hard in NYC because there is so much hustle, and there are many obstacles to genuinely connect with someone. When we all sat down together, we realized we had common goals that inspired us to collaborate.

Coach Antonia: What’s your background and how did that lead you to Pantheon Presents? 

Nessa: I come from a theatre background. I studied physical theatre at Jacques Lecoq in Paris and began to create my own work, which took form as political satire and dark comedy. The theatre offers so much potential for communion as a gathering of people who are open and ready to receive. Designing and producing parties became an extension of immersive theater production. I started working with Morning Gloryville, which opened up the community of conscious dance to me. I hadn’t been part of a community like that in NY before. iI stopped drinking to party, and rediscovered my love for dancing and movement. That heart connection was so prevalent, that the community quickly became a tight group. We started to say, “I love you” on the dance floor without knowing much of anything about each other’s personal lives. 


“Ultimately the message is that you are in control of your own life. You are the writer and the artist and the actor in your own story.” – Nessa Norich


Coach Antonia: Where and how did you meet?
Nessa: I met Julia and Emily at Morning Gloryville. We didn’t really connect until we were at a festival together, called Gratitude Migration. Julia, Emily and I connected on a lot of beautiful levels. We all exude a playfulness, to open space for others to feel self-love. That was a powerful connection for the three of us. We wanted to throw a party together and so we did!

Our community now holds a space for people to come and boogie. You don’t have to get wasted – it’s simply authentic connection on the dance floor. That it is the objective of the theatre I create: putting people in a space where they encounter the truth that comes from engaging with the body and connecting through the heart.

Coach Antonia: Sounds like you are both the audience and the performer at the same time!

NessaExactly. Ultimately the message there is that you can be in control of your own life. You are the writer and the artist and the actor in your own story. There is that bigger picture objective in these dance parties. 


Antonia: Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

Julia: What we learn and earn from one party fuels the next. We want to expand and grow the community and invite New Yorkers into a space where they can be free to express and feel present.

We are moving into curated parties on May 22nd we’re producing an outdoor event called “Vitamin D” at an urban farm on the East River. We have a disco themed soul funk night called “No Wrong Turn“, and a morning dance party called “Shine On.” In June we’ll bring our Shine On In Schools pilot program to 3rd, 4th and 5th graders in the Bronx.

Nessa: The main thing is inclusivity. We want the community to grow more diverse in all aspects. We want to spread these experiences beyond our immediate community, children included. Ultimately we would love for this to be an offering that extends to every public school in NYC. That would be amazing. We are just beginning, so the imagination is definitely activated.


Julia: We don’t want to put limits or guardrails on the creative process. We see us growing, and see the network growing. We met each other and the woman we’re working with, in bringing Shine On In Schools to life, on the dance floor. In these open environments you meet people from all walks of life – and that’s a beautiful thing to facilitate.

Nessa: We are trying to create a rich, delicious offering, from the moment you open the invitation, you begin the journey of the party, We design the entire experience to feel healthy, rich and dynamic; something that has opened you in some way.

We’re focused on making the present as rich as possible so that in the future people can be sure we have a very special offering.

Julia: With every event we want to start the immersion instantly. Aiming to give you more than just a ticket link. We want to give you a song, a video, or images that allow you to truly feel the energy of the party. Particularly for Shine On In Schools, we want to connect with kids while they’re still in that zone of not being completely bombarded with fear and money and the ideas that start to happen as you become an adult and enter the working world; telling them, “Dream as big as you can dream, love as much as you can love.”



Antonia: What does self-expression mean to you in today’s world?

Julia: No judgment from yourself.  Everyone is his or her own biggest critic. Let go of the voice that is telling you other people are judging you. Self-expression comes from letting go of other people’s ideas of you, and your ideas of yourself, and allowing whatever you are feeling or experiencing in a certain moment to flow uninhibited – to express that and have it be ok.

Nessa:  It’s about the human experience being profound and beautiful no matter how mundane or ordinary you think it is. There is no boring. Give yourself permission from yourself to just BE. Whatever you need to express is important. My wish and objective in everything that I do is to create a space for people where they feel like they can really be themselves and play and engage fully. There is so much harmony and perfection in your body just being. When you feel that pure energy when you dance, nothing else is relevant – it’s almost a meditation.


Antonia: What would you say to people who come to your parties looking for that acceptance and safety and overall experience, but are still timid about opening themselves fully?


It’s ok to explore and open up at your own pace. Don’t force yourself – go with the flow within yourself. That’s what this environment does, it opens up a space where there’s no expectation. In a city like NYC, with so much pressure, it’s important to know that it’s ok to stop and assess and find a new place you want to explore at whatever pace that works for you.


“The more you’re able to escape from your inner dialogue, you suddenly realize that there’s much less holding you back.


Nessa: This is your own journey of opening. “How do I stop and breathe and just be present?” “How do I interact with that thought in my head that tells me I’m being a weirdo, or that people are judging me, or that I’m judging myself?”– The more you’re able to escape from your inner dialogue, you suddenly realize that there’s much less holding you back. You aren’t that person that you tell yourself you are.

If you can be present without thoughts interfering your ability to transform and go beyond your walls and your boundaries becomes so much more possible. It’s a matter of turning your mind off in a way.


Antonia:  If you could change one thing about the world what would it be?

Julia: I would remove fear. There is a lot about fear that was necessary throughout our evolution, but now I think we’d benefit greatly from the removal of those thought patterns. If we could release the driving force of fear and replace it with love – that would drastically change so much in the world. I try to ask myself, as option as possible, whether I’m coming from a place of love or a place of fear, in my thoughts and interactions. Your intentions and energy ripples out into the world and more and more people are becoming conscious of that notion.

In our parties people are emanating love, and we are all amplifying it together. That’s where we’re at evolutionarily too as human beings: realizing that we need to come together as a collective and share this feeling and energy and release it out into the Universe.

Nessa: More universal compassion. I’d like to live in a world where we share responsibility for one another’s well being – health, education, shelter, nutrition etc. – where well-being is not a privilege or a race that the lucky few win. I want us to return to loving the earth. To revering feminine intuition and wisdom.

Julia and I are tapped into a community  that is collectively searching for  deeper and more authentic connection and experience. We are so attached to our screens,. We need face-to-face – so desperately.

Julia: We are living in an exciting time where we have unlimited access to this digital space as a means to connect and share, but it all happened so fast. Now suddenly we’re recognizing, again, the importance of the human connection and how powerful that is. <3

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Meet Julia and Nessa in person at Vitamin D in Brooklyn on May 22nd.

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