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If the words “Follow me to” ring a bell, then you know what I’m talking about! One of Instagram’s most beloved accounts, “Follow Me To” is a photo project by a couple traveling around the world, taking alluring pictures of a girl leading her photographer boyfriend towards the most famous and exotic places in the world – famous skylines, city streets, historic places and other landmarks around the world.

The project was started by Moscow-based photographer Murad Osmann and his girlfriend Nataly Zakharova in 2012, and the world has been in love with their moving, poetic and romantic photos ever since.



A few words about their original story and how they started their Instagram account.

Murad Osmann was born in the mountains in 1985 in Dagestan, Russia. Soon his family moved to Moscow where he found to be interested in photography. After moving to study in England and acquiring a Civil Engineering degree at Imperial College in London, Murad realized his passion for arts was stronger. He wanted to capture and share moments other people might miss. After returning to Moscow in 2011, Murad started a production company, “Hype Production”, shortly followed by internet project “Follow me to” featuring his girlfriend and muse, Nataly Zakharova, holding his hand and literally dragging him to new discoveries, practically because that’s how they often found themselves traveling-  Nataly dragging him around, while he stopped every few minutes to take pictures! What could have been a problem in a couples life, became a beautifully illustrated story.



Nataly was born in Germany, but spent her childhood in a small Russian town Izhevsk. With a degree in Social Communications Institute of Izhevsk she moved to Moscow where she became a professional journalist, shortly after which she met Murad.

As I mentioned above, Follow Me To happened by accident. During their vacation to Barcelona in 2011, Nataly became annoyed that Osmann kept stopping to take photos with his camera and started pulling him by the hand… As she pulled him forward he thought, “OK, let’s take that picture.” That shot was followed by another and soon Follow Me To was born.  The project now spanned over 3 years and many different locations with 2.8 million followers in Instagram at the moment. Nataly and Murad even had their personal photo exhibition in Miami and Osmann partnered up with Google for a short video, which you can watch at the bottom of this post, about how the project started and what it means to him.



It’s really hard to balance our jobs and all the travel,” says Murad. “We plan ahead — we speak to the local photographers and communities for recommendations. Then we have to take weekends out. We have to take up to 20 dresses with us [for Natalia] to see what looks best and all the equipment. It’s not an easy project — it’s not a holiday.

This project is our hobby, it all about our hearts, about our soul,” Nataly told NBC. “We want to show how beautiful this world (is) and we want to show our relationship with it.” (


But this year another grand event happened to this couple. Last year Osman proposed to Nataly in the most romantic and beautiful way you could expect from this couple – while taking another photo for the project, of course! He asked his girlfriend to reach behind and grab his hand as usual, but this time she found a ring instead.

She said YES!!!” that’s what he shared with all 2.5 million Instagram followers under the image.



This June the couple tied the knot! The event took place outside Moscow city, Russia, and was decorated fairy-tale style with amazing Instagram pictures taking their followers on another magical journey. With a sky image below the bride’s feet and many clouds lining the aisle on either side, red door leading into a new chapter. The bride wore a gorgeous Vera Wang dress trailing many feet behind her.

The wedding with my love @yourleo,” Osmann wrote on Instagram. “I promise to hold your hand and tell you I love you every day for the rest of our lives.”

Zakharova wrote the same sentiments on her Instagram pictures as well.








To see more of these wonderful pictures, follow Osmann and Zakharova on Instagram, and check their official page on Facebook.
All images from Instagram – @muradosmann

Love boost creative spirit, that’s why I’m a huge fan of couples creating magic together. It’s not always easy, but those who succeed inspire many! If you liked this story, you might find my friends story really inspiring- Read it HERE!

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