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30 Day Challenge- Day 3



Are you working hard or are you working yourself to death?

I have never considered myself a workaholic. Surely I can work hard and I am a perfectionist in a lot of ways. For example, I prefer to get some things done myself (which can sometimes be a problem), but most of the time I’m all about having a healthy balance between work and play. However, I have to confess, that in the past two years I’ve often found myself in a situation where it clearly was very hard for me to get motivated. I struggled with the workload and pushed through. I worked hard but it brought me no satisfaction. Until very recently.

Before starting this 30-day project, I constantly asked myself: how do I get over this threshold, on to the other side? How do I get from working to make a living to doing what you absolutely love and getting paid for it? I knew what I liked but found no motivation or time to do it. I kept on thinking that I need to earn a lot of extra money to start this project. A year went by and I still didn’t feel motivated enough. So I started meditating on it and I’m not even sure how it happened, but before I knew it, I was buried up to my ears in exciting projects, working late hours, planning pages of projects. Not getting enough sleep but clearly extremely motivated. It brought me so much joy that I didn’t feel tired. Until, suddenly, I looked back and realized that it was the end of October and I hadn’t really participated in any social activities, leaving my house mostly only to walk my dog and to go over to my boyfriend’s house to work more. I realized, that went from one extreme to another!

It felt like I had moved mountains in the past few weeks and for the first time in years I felt satisfied, motivated and happy. But haven’t taken breaks or time to rest. So, today, when my boyfriend (who is, by the way, my biggest supporter on this journey) told me that I urgently needed to start taking breaks before I burn out, it was like a bucket of ice over my head! It’s fascinating how often we forget about the importance of standing still! We go to bed thinking about the plans for tomorrow and we wake up being stuck in the yesterday. We live in the past and in the future, forgetting to be present in today. This is exactly why this project is so important to me. My morning meditations ground me in today and in the moment. They make me start my day fresh! And tomorrow morning I’m going to add “make sure to take breaks” to my mantra!

As for my outfits, I’ve started stopping myself when reaching for the same favorite clothes every day. Knowing that I cannot succumb to the temptation of getting into my favorite pair of jeans, is challenging. But on Day 3 of the project there are already 5 outfits lined up for the next few days! And I love it!








Dress/Tunic –  H&M

Boots- Ralph Lauren Collection

Bag – MiuMiu

Necklace- vintage

Belt- vintage


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