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3 Ways To Pay It Forward this Season

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3 Ways to Pay it Forward This Season

By Coach Antonia


Pay it Forward this Holiday Season, however feels right to you. Do it as a celebration of the year that passed, to honor all its gifts to you. Do it to ring in the new year, and start with an active attitude of gratitude.

Feel what makes you MOST excited, and do that. Often in today’s world, our ability to change someone’s day or life is just a click away…

photo by @tixaltextiles

1. Dream Life Alliance

What it’s about: This is a brand new charity servicing Costa Rica and Guatemalan orphans. “Politicians and their governments are most often too burdened with economic issues to really make lasting impact in the social sector,” notes Dream Life Alliance founder Lola Dranker. This 20-smth Brooklynite uprooted to Costa Rica last year with her equally badass husband and two young kids  – where she witnessed first hand the hunger that affected orphans and children locally.
Her mission is to disrupt the non-profit sector and innovate the way charities not only give to those they care about, but transform the experience for donors and supporters.


photo by @toncheta

How you can help: Donate via PayPal to (registered 501(c)(3) non profit organization).
What will your donation do: Your donation will feed children who otherwise have to rummage through trash or go hungry. It will do this for kids who are the hardest to reach, and therefore the most vulnerable.
How will your donation experience be different: Dream Life Alliance is working to make your experience personalized and giving back to you as the donor. In addition to expressing their gratitude, they pledge to give you an experience and visualization of the hands-on impact your donation is making. See the change you make.


2. charity: water
What it’s about: The sexiest of charities, charity:water is the Apple of the non-profit sphere. Formerly an NYC nightlife tycoon, the founder Scott Harrison had a reincarnation within this lifetime when he stepped up to champion access to clean and safe drinking water for people in developing countries1 in 10 people worldwide, 663 million total, live without clean water.


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photo by @charity:water

How you can help:
 Donate your Birthday! That’s right: you can ask people to donate money to your campaign in honor of your special day. You can also donate in honor of the people that mean the most to you, in line with their #whosatyourtable campaign. You can fundraise by doing something “crazy or creative.” Or just plain ol’ donate.

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photo credit @charity:water


What will your donation do: It will fund  a project that gives access to clean and safe water. They find the “best sustainable solution in each place where [charity:water] works, whether it’s a well, a piped system, a BioSand Filter, or a system for harvesting rainwater.”  Charity:water explains that, “time spent collecting water goes down, which gives women a chance to earn an income and children a chance at a better education.”

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photo @charity:water

How will your donation experience be different: No staff lunches come out of your generous giving – 100% of the money raised goes to direct project costs. Also, if you donate your birthday and fund a project, you will receive a report showing you exactly where, who and how your campaign impacted people’s lives – and (from firsthand experience) the satisfaction and joy of seeing that is priceless.


3. 22Stars


photo @22stars_com


photo @22stars_com

What it’s about: Not exactly a charity, but definitely a social business with an incredible important impact. If you follow 22Stars on Facebook, you’ll know that the personal stories of women hand-making this jewelry can bring you to tears in a sentence.  “All our jewelry is hand made from paper and varnished with natural products This makes each peace uniquely different: lightweight and waterproof,” says founder Stella Romana Airoldi. The products are made by women affected by the war in Uganda and live in the Acholi Quarter of Kampala: a camp for internally displaced persons. 

How you can help: Indulge yourself and buy these accessories for yourself, your friends and your family!
What will your purchase will do: 22Stars designers have “no phone, no email address, had little education, are HIV positive, war traumatized, and cannot read and write.” Part of the profits will go to educating the designers and their children and providing them with English lessons, business support, education on Income Generating Activities (IGA), social support, health education and music, dance and drama classes.
How will your purchase experience be different: In addition to their cool appearance, when you gift or wear a 22Stars accessory you will know that you are helping women out of poverty and wearing a product that is good for the environment.

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photo by @22stars


“Often in today’s world, our ability to change someone’s day or life is just a click away”


Loving You Long Time
Coach Antonia


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