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Someone recently told me that we are annually gifted a certain amount of energy by the Universe for each birth year. According to them that’s why we almost always deflate before the actual date of our birthday, get sick and even depressed.

I have to admit, I don’t really like my Birthdays because of the involved stress of putting up a party and all the planning that goes into that. I always wish someone else threw me a surprise party, but that never happens, so every year I debate until the last minute whether to plan something myself or to let it be. In the past I always felt like I didn’t know enough people to throw a big party, now I know too many, so it seems like a much bigger chore. There’s always a sense of disappointment that comes with the day of my Birthday.  I have no idea when it started happening, but this year it really got to me. It really bothered me.

I suddenly fell ill right before my birthday, which delayed all work for a few days and put me out of commission for a full week. The start of the LOVE project got delayed as I was struggling to get everything done.  Naturally no planning for my birthday celebrations happened. On top of that my love and I went thought a very emotional face-off and an even stronger healing as I was recovering from the flue and unraveling emotionally.

These have been a couple of really intense weeks.

So, as my Birthday approached, I suddenly felt intensively stronger from the experience. At the top of the iceberg, when I felt I was completely losing all control over my reality, I suddenly decided to trust in the Universe and accept whatever changes were coming as a part of my own transformation. If the iceberg melted, I was going to learn how to swim. And with the realization that nothing can really hurt me I decided to let go of control and miraculously all fell into place. The weight lifted and I smelled the fragrant aroma of freedom. I saw the lessons clearly and I felt neither more stress nor doubt.


It felt like my body and mind both were being recharged.

I clearly saw the new wave of strength coming and I embraced it.

This happened yesterday and I remembered about what I recently heard about the energy being re-charged at the new cycle of each birth year. Somehow it all made sense.

I had let go and the storm subsided as all issues miraculously started resolving themselves.

My love and I made a plan for our financial future and today after joining our strengths together for the first time, I got a call from a client wanting to place a half a million dollar order.

And as I welcome my new Birth Year I thank the Universe for the wisdom the last one has gifted me and for the most intense experiences of my life, that all happened within a span of the past 12 months. For the 5 lifetimes I got to experience in just one year.


1. I have learned to trust in Love. This was the hardest lesson of the year.


2. I have begun practicing the ultimate trust in Me.


3. I have realized that I can no longer be hurt and that I no longer get paralyzed by fear of losing control, as every lesson leads to more amazing things. Because I control my reality.


4. And where I can’t yet control it, I see opportunity for more growth.


5. I now know my worth in gold and I have never held my head higher nor have I ever felt closer to humanity at the same time.


6. I believe that we are all made of star dust, that we are all part of one living organism. Our minds just can’t yet comprehend it at this stage of our development.


7. So I see helping others as also helping yourself. That’s why this blog feels more natural to my mission in life than anything else I am doing at the moment or have done before.


8. I also believe that Enlightenment, a sudden knowing and understanding of reality, is part of our natural evolution.  It is our brain’s capability to understand reality. As we start using our brains more, it will happen to everybody.


9. I somehow can see through fears now. The concept of fear still exists for me, but I can’t really feel it. Because I now feel like any problem can be solved if you just learn to stand still long enough. And if you keep your mind in balance.saida-mouradova-twenty-five-hundred-plaid-jacket-sheinside-fur-hat-ugg-boots

So I thank you for celebrating with me.

And I thank you for making TwentyFiveHundred a place of Love and Happiness and for opening your hearts to this experience that we are creating together.

With this post I announce the Love Project officially started!


Jacket –

Shirt- vintage

Sweater – JCrew

Faux leather pants- H&M

Gloves- Banana Republic

Shoes- UGG Australia

Hat- Ralph Lauren, Blue Label



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