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Happy Monday!

Today in the post you’ll find: female heroes of our modern world protesting nude at the Republican National Convention; and a bold stand-up of Stephen Colbert at the stage of the same convention; news from the future – scientists discovered a particle that can keep a person alive without breathing and  a designer who wants to make bags and jackets from the skin of Alexander McQueen; inspiring photos taken on a regular iPhone and amazing pictures of ‘Gratitude Migration’ participants – follow the links to learn more!

And just in case you’re new to the tribe, below is a handpicked selection of all the best, most thought provoking and entertaining links, from all over the internet, from last week! You can follow my updates daily on Facebook or check this column every Monday at 11 am New York time! Best Links This Week – all in one place for your convenience!

Discover the news and share it with the world! And you’re always welcome to leave your own recommendations in the comments below.

Have a great week, my friends!

    1. ‘Graceful in the lion’s den’: Photo of young woman’s arrest in Baton Rouge becomes powerful symbol – I had my attention on people confronting the police on the side of the road,” he said. “I had turned to look over my right shoulder, I think that I had heard this women say something about [how] she was going to be arrested, and I saw this woman, and she was standing in the first lane in that road. (
    2. [NSFW] Photos: Burning Man Meets The Jersey Shore At ‘Gratitude Migration’ – So amazing to see all my friends in this album! It was an amazing event and I am still processing it all. More to come on the blog, but in a mean time, pls enjoy what others have captured! (
    3. 100 Sheroes Just Posed Nude At The Republican National Convention – Modern warriors! “The mass undressing was organized by photographer Spencer Tunick, who has been planning his large-scale nude photography project, titled “Everything She Says Means Everything,” for months.” (
    4. Stephen Colbert crashed the Republican National Convention, insulted Trump, and got escorted off stage – No one is their right mind would vote for this human waste of a nominee and some are taking matters in their own hands! Bravo! (
    5. A designer will grow Alexander McQueen’s skin in a lab to use for leather bags and jackets – Reminds me of that movie where they grew in a lab and ate celebrity meat. But made it white, so it would be more “ethical” for people to consume. (
    6. 2016 iPhone Photography Award Winners Prove Again Amazing Photos Can Be Taken Without Expensive Camera –  Turns out an iPhone is enough to shock people with your sick photography skills – From simple landscape photos to photos of adorable animals – all of them are absolutely amazing. Take a look for yourselves! (
    7. Scientists Invent Oxygen Particle That If Injected, Allows You To Live Without Breathing – Seems that we have reached another level in our chase for super-human abilities. “This finding has the potential to save millions of lives every year. The microparticles can keep an object alive for up to 30 min after respiratory failure. This is accomplished through an injection into the patients’ veins. Once injected, the microparticles can oxygenate the blood to near normal levels.” (
    8. Meet a Woman Who Keeps 500 Plants in Her Brooklyn Apartment – New York magic! A living wall of plants in Oakes’ bedroom was designed with a sub-irrigation system; hooked up to her sink, the plants are fed from underneath. (
    9. Pakistan: Anger after honour killing of Qandeel Baloch – Know your heroes!”Baloch divided opinion in Pakistan, a largely conservative nation, as she appeared on television to speak about female empowerment” (
    10. What Dark-Skinned People Will Never Tell You – In order to fix the problem, we need to first understand it. Please watch!


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