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By Saida M.

Big summer sales are around the corner but what should you buy that will still hold the value next year? In a world of disposable fashion we often forget that trends are fleeing and emotional buys don’t always last past a season. To avoid overbuying, overspending and to minimize unnecessary pollution that comes from disposable fashion trends I try to go back and look at what silhouettes and colors were highlighted as the best collections of the season and if anything still strikes a cord when sale season starts, I might invest in a few items within my budget. Basically it’s a good longevity test for trends.

So, sit down, grab that iced tea and let’s look at some beautiful collections.

1. Alexander McQueen – designed by Sarah Burton, PFW

The girls had pink-cheeked complexions and tousled hair flowing down their backs—a bunch of young English roses who might have been caught by Julia Margaret Cameron’s camera lens in Victorian times. What they were dressed in were the prettiest and most personal designs that have come from Sarah Burton since she took over as creative director of Alexander McQueen. Gone were the face-obscuring headdresses and ironclad corsets; gone the hobbling platform shoes. “I wanted it to be believable, touchable, soft,” said Burton backstage. (


_ARC0771  _ARC0633

_ARC0555  _ARC0209


_ARC0117  _ARC0091


Seems like body chains, lace, see through and maxi dresses still feel fresh and popular. Partially because this is all part of the festival trend that raging right now and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Mary Katrantzou – designed by Mary Katrantzou, LFW

It is weird—a sort of barely conceivable telescoping of time—to realize that Mary Katrantzou graduated from Central Saint Martins, M.A., in 2008 with precisely 10 shift dresses, each of them digitally printed with oversize images of jewelry (the evidence is in the archives of Vogue Runway). Well, look at her now, seven years on, filling the atrium on the Central Saint Martins campus with a large, immensely intricate body of work framed around Roma gypsy dress and cosmic stargazing—all of it visible in a vast mirror that reflected the lineup into infinity. (


_KAT0591  _KAT0219

_KAT0411   _KAT0261


_KAT0045  _KAT0151


Prints are as strong trend that will still be present next year, partially because brands specialize in prints still have strong hold on the market. Invest in calmer pattern, so that you can have the freedom to mix with whatever new patterns might emerge next spring.

3.  Rick Owens – designed by Rick Owens, PFW

In a recent interview, actress Carey Mulligan complained about the fact that the characters she plays are often described as “strong women.” That label, she said, makes it seem as though strength in a woman is the exception, not the norm. And it rubs her the wrong way. It’s not uncommon to experience a similar frisson backstage at a fashion show, when a designer says that his (or her) collection pays tribute to “strong women”—the message is always well meant, but by setting up strength as a quality found only in a particular type of woman, it demeans the fairer sex as a whole. At his latest show,Rick Owens put paid to that way of thinking. Owens’ latest coup de théâtre wasn’t a tribute to strong women; it was a tribute to female strength. That’s a major distinction. (


_OWE0529  _OWE0395


_OWE0333  _OWE0261


_OWE0207  _OWE0027 (1)


Asymmetrical shapes and cuts are my personal favorites as you might have noticed in my own looks HERE and HERE. Active wear trend is also here to stay judging by the immense amount of looks continuing to emerge across the brands. I believe this direction will develop further next year, so invest in classic combinations of colors and play!

Marc Jacobs – designed by Marc Jacobs, NYFW

New York Fashion Week began and ended with giant spectacles. Riccardo Tisci’s 9/11 Givenchy show was contemplative, or at least set out to be; Marc Jacobs’s tonight was a clamorous, exuberant affair. Both got the public involved: It’s still hard to score access, but the shows are less and less an insular, insiders-only experience. (


_A2X0507  _A2X0407

_A2X0383  _A2X0133

_A2X0115  _A2X0031


Lady Rebel trend, as I call it, is one of my favorite current trend. She mixes the “unmixable” and matches according to her own rules! Whether it’s large prints or styles, this is where rules do not exist, so if this is for you- then you really have nothing to fear as far as investing into new pieces. Play your own game, make your own rules and create your own trends!

5. Louis Vuitton – designed by Nicolas Ghesquière, PFW

We exist on the digital frontier, at the dawn of a virtual age in which all experience will be filtered through screens. Nicolas Ghesquière, long one of fashion’s most intrepid designers, isn’t looking back. Since he arrived at Louis Vuitton in early 2014, the idea of travel has propelled him; Vuitton has been in the business of making luggage since 1854, after all. But this season he took a different kind of journey. “We are all living with this new dimension,” he said afterward. “We are all managing how to integrate these new notions of digital, virtual, and cyber with our real life.”


KIM_1000  KIM_0730

KIM_0516  KIM_0230

KIM_0156  KIM_0048


Laser cut details, futuristic fabrics and treatments are all a direct reflection of the marriage between fashion and technology. We will be seeing a lot more of that in the coming seasons. Color blocking is also a huge trend, so if you want to invest in a piece, choose a classic style with interesting modern details, modern fabrics and fresh treatments like lase-cut, 3D printed details or as far as you want to take it.

And remember, be true to your style when you shop, don’t buy items that look great on someone else, remember who you are what you want to express. Stay away from impulsive purchases, they don’t last! Chances are you will go back to your favorite items in your closet on most days, so pick in accordance with who you really are and update your closet as go without overbuying, overspending and over polluting our planet more than it already is! We throw away more clothes than ever before in the history of human kind, so be gentle to our planet and donate your old clothes to shelters and those in need.

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