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Best Links This Week!


Hello world and Happy Monday!

Best Links post here with the most fascinating and useful reads from my Facebook posts last week: news of a real floating bonsai tree; girl scouts refuse a generous donation choosing transgender girls over money; traveling families and world schooling getting more and more popular; ban on GMO and Biotech in Hawaii; a huge problem that the world is ignoring in the Zika virus warnings;some nice vibes for you to start you week in a good mood and much more.

Discover the news and share it with the world! And you’re always welcome to leave your own recommendations in the comments below.

Have an amazing week, my friends!

  1. Floating Bonsai Trees Are Now A Reality – “The designers at The Hoshinchu Team named their creation “Air Bonsai.” It consists of the bottom half called the “energy base” and the floating ball – the “little star.” Both halves have magnets installed so that the “little star” could float with the bonsai on top.” (
  2. Girl Scouts choose transgender girls over $100,000 donation –  That’s an attitude I like! “Girl Scouts is for every girl,” Ferland told the magazine. “And every girl should have the opportunity to be a Girl Scout if she wants to.” (
  3. The rise of travelling families and world-schooling – Conventional schooling is something I am very much opposed to because the system, as we have it right now, suffocates individuality. Finding the balance between world education and giving your kids the necessary “boring” pieces of school program is the challenge I think most traveling parents are facing right now. (
  4. Big Island Mayor Signs Biotech, GMO Ban Into Law – This bill prohibits biotech companies from operating on the Big Island and bans farmers from growing any new genetically altered crops, GMO papaya in particular. (
  5. The Three Letter Word Missing From the Zika Virus Warnings – “Once again, the burden of sexual and reproductive accountability falls squarely (and solely) on women.” Get real , world! (
  6. Why Do Animals Attack Humans In The Wild? A Lot Of The Time, It’s Kind Of Our Fault – A group of researchers found that nearly half of all the observed attacks, which occurred between 1955 and 2014, involved risky behaviors on the part of the human victim, the most common of those risky behaviors was leaving a child unattended in the wilderness. (
  7. British tourist killed by elephant in front of daughter, 16, on Koh Samui in Thailand – Animals are not our property. They are not to be broken into submission, abused or mistreated in any way, because they can and will stand up and when they do, it usually ends in tragedy. Hopefully this will prevent some people from supporting this horrible money-making machine, called elephant ride. Sorry for the family this happened to, but ignorance is ignorance. (
  8. De Kunstenaar –  Selected Sounds #09 – Perfect workday mix! Enjoy and share the free music! (
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