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Best Links This Week!


Happy Monday!

Just in case you’re new to the tribe, this is a handpicked selection of all the best, most thought provoking and entertaining links, from all over the internet, from last week! You can follow my updates daily on Facebook or check this column every Monday at 11 am New York time! Best Links This Week – all in one place for your convenience!

Today in the post: a good idea to start taxing meat considered in Denmark; innovative 3D printing becoming more and more popular these days; some unconditional facts of the climate change proving that its doubters are wrong; incredibly beautiful piece of furniture designed as the layered depth of the ocean; a new solution to the problem of sea pollution –  biodegradable, and even edible 6-pack rings; an easy, but yet genius protection for bikes called Cyclehoop; and a super cute video of naughty pandas – follow the links for more details!

Enjoy the reads and leave your own recommendations and comments below the post, there’re always welcome!

I wish you all an unforgettable and enjoyable week!

    1. Denmark Considers Taxing Meat, Calling It An Ethical Responsibility – “We tax cigarettes and alcohol, in part to discourage their consumption, so why not tax meat? After all, bacon gives you cancer, cows cause climate change, and eating less meat could save us trillions of dollars.” (
    2. Obama cuts all funding for Christian-based ‘Abstinence Only’ sex-ed programs –  President Obama’s 2017 budget proposal has removed a $10 million annual grant that goes towards funding “abstinence-only” sexual education classes in public schools. By eliminating the grant, Obama would end the financial incentive for states to continue teaching the debunked sex-ed program.” Go Obama! (
    3. 3D Printing Pioneer Janne Kyttänen’s New Mission – The future is here! “The fundamental reason why I started Freedom Of Creation sixteen years ago was to build a future industry, which would eradicate the plastic from the oceans and enable us to localize production all around the world. People would get smart on what to make and then recycle their materials into new products.” (
    4. Climate change doubters really aren’t going to like this study – Read this! “Researchers have designed an inventive test suggesting that the arguments commonly used by climate change contrarians don’t add up, not only according to climate scientists (we know what they think already) but also in the view of unbiased experts from other fields.” (
    5. Elegant Marble and Acrylic Glass Table Mimics the Layered Depth of the Ocean Floor – So beautiful! “Romanian designer Eduard Locota has just released a unique furniture piece that makes one feel as though they are being drawn into the depths of the ocean.” (
    6. Upworthy – The newly invented Cyclehoop is changing the entire city of London.

7. Florida brewery creates edible six-pack rings to protect marine wildlife – Finally one solution in a world of problems! “Saltwater Brewery and We Believers—an advertising agency in New York—developed the durable packaging solution for six-packs from spent grain from the brewing process. The resulting product is claimed to be not only biodegradable, but also edible for fish and other sea life.” (

8.I fucking love science –  It’s pandamonium! These adorable young pandas cause havoc for the keepers at a breeding sanctuary in Sichuan, China.

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