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By Saida



Photos by Julia Pogodina

– You have to make sure to practice gratitude, she says. When you have abundance, you have to find time to be grateful for what you have every day.

She’s a guide, a friend, a woman. We speak the same language.

So today I decided to list some things I am grateful for.

I am grateful for my humans. My chosen and my blood families.

I am grateful for my animal, who is the reason I spend time in the park every day. My daily exposure to nature in the concrete jungle.

I am grateful for being able to see the path that led me here.

I am grateful for the lessons of those who at the time seemed to have hurt me. The pain shaped my path in a way only pain could.

I am grateful for being able to come out of my cocoon in front of those who hold space for me. For being able to strip bare of my emotions and not be judged. I grew from that with a wingspan of a phoenix.

I am grateful for my women.

I am grateful for my teachers, mentors and guides.

I am grateful for my men.

I am grateful for my love, the one who sees me.

I am grateful for small things too, like a summer day and an ice coffee in October. Things like my tan skin that reminds me that I will skip winter this year. And my mother’s phone call, and good pants and comfortable shoes that brought from Vietnam.

I am grateful for my daily reminders to say thanks for my gifts and that it changes how I react to the world. It changes me.

She’s right. The more you have, the more you have to make an effort to say thanks.

So please, say it. Practice gratitude and watch the world around you transform.

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Denim Shirt – RAG & BONE, Silk Pants – DOO.RI,

Bra – FOREVER 21, Shoes – NIKE, Sunnies- OLIVER PEOPLES,

Backpack – bought AT a market in Vietnam, Bracelet – BANANA REPUBLIC,


Hat – custom made by DAVID STEELE (read the story about him HERE)