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Day 30! A new begining!




Today is the last day of my 30 Day Project. There are a lot of things that pop into my mind when I write this, but “You did it!” wins the race.

If you told me six months ago about who I was going to become only a few months from then, I would have been very impressed. When I think back to spring, it’s almost like I’ve shed five skins since then.

My life since has changed to what seems to be 180 degrees.

However, if you told me at the beginning of this 30 Day Project about what was to unfold within me, I’d be amazed and surprised. Sometimes one month can hold an entire lifetime.

This project transformed my understanding of lifelines and possibilities.


  • It has taught me to find time to do what I love and triggered a long lost desire to write again.
  • I have been able to finally understand and feel what unconditional love is.
  • I have faced my biggest fears and deepest radical truth by putting myself in an almost 24 hour state of awake meditation. There was no escape from the thoughts.
  • I have been able to push myself in a new direction on this blog and commit to something so time-consuming, that only a few months ago I would have sighed with the weight of entire Pacific Ocean just thinking about the workload this project brought with it.
  • I have learned to not let go of my thoughts when they want to become articles. I write constantly now. Even during the time in the park with my dog.
  • I have realized that I need to stay more true to my style and get rid of some casual clothes I have, since they do not reflect my inner world anymore.
  • I found the courage to come out with this website idea to everyone I know. That was scary.
  • This 30 Day Project made me look into my outer image more deeply and realize that I need not only to change the color of the walls in my apartment, but also to relook at the clothes I have. Most of my wardrobe doesn’t represent me anymore.


Every day, when I woke up, I had only one thing that topped the priority list: next post needs to go up within the next 2-3 hours! Almost everything else was less important. It felt refreshing being so committed to something and so excited about it. It felt amazing to have to put your thoughts into paragraphs and make sure that every article carried a message. It was like writing my own mantras to the world every single day.

I have been so inspired by your answers, letters and comments, that new project ideas started overflowing the pages of my planning list.

Gratitude for your love and support overflows my heart as I write this.

I am also immensely grateful to my loved ones and to my friends, who took my pictures, helped me with workload and provided endless support on this journey.


The real magic started happening about two years ago, one night when my life was completely transformed. I will leave the details of that event to my memoirs, but will tell you that on the following day, I’ve begun to understand things differently. It took me a while to put a finger on what was happening to me and why was it happening to the closest people to me as well. I started having questions like: how doesn’t everybody see what’s really happening in the world? How do we not understand the simplest emotions? How do we not listen to our in the voices and energies? I can’t say that I ever was a fan of New Age or hippie movements. I didn’t find myself to be the type to hug trees and wear the-dye, but I did entertain the idea of some universal God.  Psychic phenomena and energies always interested me but I was never quite interested enough to spend any time studying it. Instead I relied on my own intuition. As I look back I realize that some of the major and most life-changing decisions in my life have been based on nothing but my inner voice.

It is my inner voice that lead me to start this website and to create The 30 Day Project. I believe it’s time to wake up. I believe that together we can change our immediate reality and eventually do amazing things together, implementing bigger alterations and spreading love and goodness in this world. God knows we all need more of both.

I thank you for being part of the Twenty Five Hundred and I want you to know that I am proud to be part of your tribe.

Every end is a new beginning. This project ends, but a new one awaits around the corner.

I hope you enjoyed this journey with me and I’d like to ask you to share with me what has changed in your life in the last month? It doesn’t have to have anything to do with this project (although I’d love it if it did, of course); I want to share the experience.


Did you meditate with me?


Did any of the articles leave a particular impression on you?


Did you enjoy my looks? Which one was your favorite?  🙂


Let’s share!













Cardigan – Ralph Lauren Blue Label

Sweater – hand made by my mom with love

Jeans – Marc Jacobs

Boots- Chloe

Gloves – Banana Republic

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