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It’s not always easy to navigate through life even if you are under the impression that you got everything under control.  No matter how smoothly everything seems to be going, slips happen and suddenly you realize there are more blocks to break before you can take on the responsibility that comes with success.

Being in inspiring company of strong people helps me stay on track in those rare moments. I was once told that you should surround yourself with people who think as highly or you or even higher, never keep the company of those who put you down or make you doubt yourself. Make your human circle strong and practice gratitude for what you have and see your energy transform.

As a woman I feel especially grateful to have my amazing core of female friends, who inspire and lift me up.  I can always rely on my Goddesses, my magical creatures, females of my inner circle, for support, guidance and incredible fun times!


Left to right- Kiddo, Lana, Rael.

So, in today’s post I want to share with you some moments from this past weekend celebrating a friend’s Birthday on a boat  and a video from Burning Man, that Lana recently posted on her Facebook, bringing us all back to those magical Playa moments.  I hope this leaves you with a warm feeling that friendship brings into one’s life.

Having fun at Burning Man 2015 from Aminimal Studio on Vimeo.


So, call a close friend today. Set up time for dinner or just to catch up over coffee with your girlfriends! There’s nothing like looking into your friend’s eyes, feeling their warm breath on your cheek as you pull them into your bear hug, realizing how grateful you are for having them in your life.

What you give is what you get back.

So, give more!

Love harder!



And now to the weeks’ most saturated list of knowledge in one blog post!

1. Schools in San Francisco implement meditation & students’ happiness and academic success soars – We’ve seen yoga, standing desks and vegetarian lunches turn troubled schools around, but we’ve never seen meditation adopted successfully within the school system. Until now. (

2. SCIENCE SAYS: DANCE! – Now there is a scientific proof that dancing with others is good for your health. “As The Conversation notes in their study, “it turns out that when you synchronise even a small movement, like the tapping of your finger in time with someone else, you feel closer and more trusting of that person than if you had tapped out of time.” (

3. You can’t detox your body. It’s a myth. So how do you get healthy? – Educate yourself, dear detoxifiers! I know it feels good to talk about taking care of your body but in order to do your body any good, you need to know what it is that you’re doing. (

4. 11 WARM WEATHER MUSIC FESTIVALS TO CHASE AWAY YOUR WINTER BLUES – When the days are short and the nights are long, when everything is cold to the touch and you just want to feel the warmth of the sun again, a music festival can come to your rescue – all you need to do is hop on a plane or in a car and get outta your snowy town. (

5. Circus Cat Chained To Truck For 20 Years Takes First Steps To Freedom – If we want more compassion between humans, we need to start treating our animals differently. “Though Mufasa’s story is heartbreaking on its own, he was just one of nearly 100 animals saved during ADI’s rescue operations, including lions, bears, monkeys,birds and a tiger, all of whom were rescued from circuses and are now recovering from their long years of abuse.” (

6. There’s a population crisis all right. But probably not the one you think. George Monbiot. – I often talk about the importance of thinking about the impact of your decisions. Literally everything you buy and use affects the planet, so start thinking bigger if you can. Want to live better? Make better choices!(

7. More pics of ballsy topless Lebanese girls burning #ISIS flags… – I like how daring these girls are, because there’s nothing that makes ISIS more angry, than women telling them to shove their ideologies where the sun don’t shine! (

8. DJ”s to watch out for NOW in my weekly music recommendations! Illich MujicaheartjackerNickmaticNordvolk – Share the love and free music! (

9. The Danish Girl Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Eddie Redmayne, Alicia Vikander Drama HD – This is so much YES!!! I love that we live in times when beautiful stories like this can be told!


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