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It’s hardly big news that New York is a city of contrasts.

In New York the difference in incomes among neighbors can be measured in hundreds of thousands of dollars, a mere mortal can meet Woody Allen standing in a line in a cafe, a quiet street can turn suddenly into a noisy avenue, and if you turn the corner you’ll see how former industrial areas are becoming multi million-dollar properties. Immigrants who don’t even speak English can make their dreams come true and achieve great success. It’s this unpredictability that keeps me addicted to this city, it outshines any fear of a failure and fills you with an inexplicable and inspiring energy. That’s not just lip-service, this is the energy of New York City, and it is like none other.

A wall painted with commissioned graffiti, and not as an act of vandalism – that is a unique unpredictable irony and twist of fate. It was this very city that gave birth to the art form when it was still mostly carried out as a punishable offense. Now New York is being intentionally decorated with grafitti.






An old wall in Williamsburg that is now being replaced by a hotel



Street art in Bushwick



The streets of this city are permeated with the smell of the unknown; every building might have a unique story of survival, tragedy or joy.  Sometimes it seems to me that all the houses in this city have their own stories, and if not yet, then they will certainly find them, as it is just inescapable.  NYC gives everyone their very own space where they can comfortably exist along with other like-minded people. This space isn’t for one kind of individual. New York is colorblind, income-blind, interest-blind, blind to creed, religion, sexual preference, and every kind of proclivity. Whatever you are, do, want, and believe in, you’ll find your place here. This is also what makes it possible for such a great number of talents to exist on such a small territory. The very real chance to be whoever you wish to be nourishes the soul, gives it food for thought, people to collaborate with or be inspired by, and a push to go beyond your own limits and to allow something unknown and even foreign into your life only to realize that this was just what you needed for perfect balance.

When I walk along streets with walls painted in graffiti I always want to take a picture of these variegated city patterns. This used to be its signature, often shown in movies about good guys (and bad ones) from the wrong side of the tracks. Today many of the very same grafitti artists who used to be chased by police in the 1980s have become successful working artists whose work the city commisions. As a result, some of the most magnificent graffiti can now be found not only on the “wrong” side of the proverbial tracks, but all over NYC, and in some of its more spectacular locales. The more popular (and lucrative) the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Williamsburg and Bushwick become, the more exquisite the murals I see on their streets. There were only shabby walls of store houses here before, and now they are all adorned with jaw-dropping eye-popping murals. I hope you can feel these emotions and energy while looking at my pictures below. New York City isn’t a gimmic, it’s a truly special place. Still, and perhaps forever.


Williamsburg, Bedford Avenue stop entrance on the L line.


Gates of House Of Yes venue, Bushwick.

Gates of House Of Yes venue, Bushwick.



Restaurant in Bushwick.


Water tower in Bushwick.


I recent years Bushwick has become the capital of graffiti in New York.








Elaborate murals like this one blow my mind every time.



Artist at work, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.




Desigual commissioned mural in midtown Manhattan.

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And what do you think of graffiti?

Do you like it or not?

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