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Best Links This Week!


Happy Monday!

Today in the post: an extraordinary exhibition by Björk; a rating of the most and least peaceful countries; a petition on the creation of the National Animal Abuse registry; female heroes who helped and are still helping to change our world for the better; and a video of a young wild life photographer that teaches you how to treat all living creatures right – follow the links for the details!

And just in case you’re new to the tribe, below is a handpicked selection of all the best, most thought provoking and entertaining links, from all over the internet, from last week! You can follow my updates daily on Facebook or check this column every Monday at 11 am New York time! Best Links This Week – all in one place for your convenience.

Enjoy the reads and leave your own recommendations and comments below the post, there’re always welcome!

I wish you all an unforgettable and enjoyable week!

  1. Björk VR Exhibition Announced – UK citizens rejoice! “The show at Royal Albert Hall will take place on September 21 and will mark her only UK show in 2016 and her first since 2013. ” (
  2. Create a National Animal Abuse Registry in the United States! – I’m very surprised this registry doesn’t exist in the US. Any person who has been found guilty of animal abuse MUST be registered in all states! Serial killers start by torturing animals, isn’t it simply logical to have a registry for people capable of such cruelty? How is this still overlooked in our society? Please sign this petition and share. (
  3. The Most And Least Peaceful Countries In 2016 – “The Global Peace Index, which the Institute compiles annually, paints a somber picture: The world has become even less peaceful in 2016, continuing a decade-long trend of increased violence and strife.” (
  4. 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Dr. Bronner And His Magic Soap – Since you (like me) probably never read aaaall the writing on the bottle, here are some facts for you about the man behind the company, and the soap he created. (
  5. Female chief in Malawi breaks up 850 child marriages and sends girls back to school – Know your heroes! “In an area where girls are often married early to ease a family’s financial burden and where one in five girls in Malawi are victims of sexual abuse, Kachindamoto is also taking a stand against the cleansing camps where girls are routinely sent before marriage”.  (
  6. Teacher Spotlight: watch how Konsta Punkka WIldlife Photography captures his amazing wildlife shots – Remember- we all have an equal right to be on this planet and we need to get used to the fact that we are SHARING our home with other creatures. (Skillshare)
  7. These 5 female coders helped change the world – Know your heroes! First programming language based on words, codebreaker  who shortened the WW2, software for the first moon landing – all these accomplishments were made thanks to these incredible women!(World Economic Forum)

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