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animal connection



animalSide by side with this one for 11 years now.

These photos are from a few weeks ago and haven’t had a reason or chance to share them. But since today I want to talk about my four legged companion, here we go. 🙂

I can’t believe Duke and I been together for 11 years now. He’s been with me longer than most humans I know.

Yesterday he went through a major surgery and until this very moment I don’t think I ever fully realized the connection I have to this creature.

How I feel him, how he reads me…

He’s not my “baby”, he’s not “my dog”, he’s one of my guides in this life. He has taught me to communicate and feel with gaze, movements and breathing. He has taught me patience, discipline and responsibility.

Every human should experience a close connection with an animal. It’s beautiful and very powerful. Every man I know who grew up with a dog has a special understanding of bond and connection between living things.

This animal is my spirit animal.

He’s my guide and my teacher.

He’s healing after surgery today, so please send us love as we both go through this new chapter.



S and Duke.

animal dog

animal walk

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