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7 years without shampoo! Part II


First part about my no poo method can be found here –> 7 YEARS WITHOUT SHAMPOO! 

So here are the most frequently asked questions about my system and also answers to some of your comments:

1. “Can I use your system on straight hair?”

As you know, I know curly hair best, but a lot of you told me in my previous post that you tried it on straight hair and got great results. I definitely recommend trying it. It can’t get worse, that’s for sure.

2. “Can I use this system on perm?”

Yes, it turned out you can, and many of my readers have, apparently, already been practicing it for a while!

3. “I tried once not to use shampoo, but my hair didn’t change”.

If you didn’t practice this system for at least 4-5 weeks, then you hair didn’t have enough time to adapt to this change, that’s why you didn’t see any results. By the way, if you have curls then you should follow all the rules I listed in my original post, not just some of them. It’s as hard to revive damaged hair; for your body it’s like learning how to walk again.

4. “I tried not to brush my hair, but it’s a mess…”

I guess you continued to use shampoo. Dry tangled locks are a sign of dry hair. If your hair is well nourished, it’s not going to tangle up as much.  Running fingers through your wet hair is enough to untangle the curls. For most curls.

5. “How often do you wash your hair?”

Once every 2-3 days, on average, but I can go longer, I just love first day curls the most 🙂

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6. “How to wash hair with hair conditioner?”

The same way as you do with shampoo: apply it, leave for 2-3 minutes, massage for a little, then rinse. That’s it!

7. “What hair conditioner do you use?” 

I use Yes to Carrots, see below  .

8. A question from a reader: “And can I still use hair masks?”

Sure, but not very often, as all masks make hair heavy and it gets greasy faster if you use them too often. Once a week is perfect!

9.  One of the readers asked :“I used to have curls, but not anymore…Will curls come back if I start using this system?”

The hair structure depends not only on the way you wash it, but on your nourishment, hormones level in your blood and climate as well. If you used to have curly hair when you was a child, it’s hard to say whether it comes back or not, but if the hair structure has just recently changed, then it’s most likely that it’ll change to a curlier side after switching to this system. Anyway, hair reacts a lot to what you eat. Buy some vitamins, it’s very important to take fish oil and iron – a woman’s body gets almost never gets enough of these two elements, so you need to help it out here.

10. Another comment: “I tried this system, the first day it was amazing, but the next day I had to rescue my hair with different products and spray it with water to make curls look nice…” 

Well, my dear, Rome was not built in a day! If you want to see some results, you need to discipline yourself and work hard sticking to the rules for 3-4 weeks, only then you’ll see the difference. And it’s always important to freshen your hair up, as it reacts to the way you sleep and how much you move around in your sleep, as well as to the weather changes, magnetic fields and other factors that are beyond our powers.  There are some reviving sprays that will make your hair look better the next day, and some of my readers advised to use rose extract, that is sold in natural and Krishnaitic stores.

And in conclusion I’d like to add that I’ve already used this system for many years. It really works and it has a great number of followers, but as with any other system you need to find your own balance, your own styling products and your own way to take care of your mane. I can only say if it worked for me or not.

Good luck, my dear friends!



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