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Day 24! 40 facts that define me.







The world is divided into those who have control over their reality and those who do not. Up until very recently I was certain I belonged to the conscious part. Until I woke up.

Who am I? Here are some of the random facts about me that should give you a good understanding.



1.  I was born in one of the most beautiful countries in the world- Azerbaijan. I grew up in a desert capital of a Muslim country, with a Muslim father and a Christian mother, in a state that was built on a lie- Soviet Union.


2.  By the time I was 20, I had already lived through enough to last a lifetime. I had seen an amazing rise of my family and devastating end of an era. I’d watched war from my windows and neighbors turn enemies, I’d experienced curfew and forced geographical relocation in search of a better, safer future by my parents. I had lived in refugee camps and went to the best fashion college in the world. I learned to speak seven languages by the time I was seventeen. I changed 4 countries (Azerbaijan->Sweden->France->USA) and 2 continents in search of my place on Earth and I found my city in NYC. All by the time I was 20.


3.  Needless to say, I didn’t expect my life to continue spinning with the same vigorous force going forward. However, by the time I was 30, I already had enough material to write a memoir and at that point my new life was just beginning!


4.  My adventure on this planet has been full of unexpected turns. Until now, nothing seemed to go even close to being foreseeable, so I developed a healthy sense of humor.


5.  I don’t know the story of my paternal grandfather, because he was sent to gulags and never told his children the reasons why, to protect them. My father and two of his siblings were born in a gulag.


6. My maternal grandmother has had the most extraordinary life and even though she and I could not be more different, the older I get, the more I recognize her spirit in me. I distinguish this as a sign of accumulated wisdom in myself.


7.  One day I will write a book about the women in my family, intertwined with my own story.


8.  The first feeling of love I remember towards anyone other than my mother was towards horses. I didn’t see a real horse until I was 10 or 11. I always shared a special connection to animals.


9.  I became vegetarian a year ago without noticing. I just looked back and realized I didn’t crave meat anymore. Now I am mostly vegan.


10.  I believe in conscious decision making and sustainable living. I am not fanatical about veganism or other choices people make, because it is more important to me that people make choices, than spend time labeling movements and lifestyles.


11.  As a child, I never played with dolls. All my toys were stuffed animals.


12.  When I was 2, my father bought me modeling clay. My first attempts at creating my own reality started here.


13.  As a child I wanted to become a zoologist and work in some animal rescue program in Africa.


14.  I ended up becoming a fashion designer.


15.  I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Sweden and BFA in Fashion Design from Parsons NY.


16.  I wanted to build a career and then start my own line, but I quit my job at the top, following the realization that I didn’t want a life of any of the bosses I’ve ever worked for. 10 years of experience as a fashion designer have turned me away from that world.


17.  Four years ago I started a fashion wholesale distribution company which is now my main business. I cannot imagine living a life on a 9 to 5 (or 8 to 8 in the real world) schedule anymore. To me, having freedom is essential to my happiness.


18.  I still love fashion, but on a more individual level and I believe in wearing your heart on your sleeve!


19.  Style is the expression of your inner world. It can be used to enhance your colors or to hide.


20.  I believe in embracing your body, whatever shape it is and in giving compliments to strangers!


21.  I believe in magic and tapping into the divine within oneself.


22.  I am comfortable being a hermit crab for days. I love to write and can easily lock myself up for days with my desktop, if I’m inspired.


23.  I have a few very close friends who I share a lot of my life with. They are my chosen family.


24.  I am part of an immensely inspiring, unconventional community in New York City.


25.  Most of my life I have spent cultivating a masculine energy front to protect myself from the world.


26.  In my mid 30’s I realized that the front I built was preventing me from releasing into my true inner strength.

27.  I believe in sisterhood and I live with a woman who is my soul sister.


28.  We call each other “My beloved wife”.


29.  We are not roommates; however we are not lovers either. We run a household and share a home. We have separate personal lives and no secrets from each other. We often joke that we seem like a dream scenario for some HBO hit series.


30.  Since we accidentally ended up living together a year ago, we started writing down our lives. Because most of the time we do feel like we live in a movie!


31.  We sometimes catch up in the bathroom. She’d be showering; I’d be shaving my legs or putting on makeup. It’s not always R-rated. That would be our reoccurring scene in the HBO series.


32. I understand that our situation is unique, but we often talk about how this type of living should be normal for women.


33.  I understand and feel unconditional love for a couple of people in my life.


34.  I have remained friends with all of my exes.


35.  I am not traditional in any way and I embrace the differences in people as long as they are rooted in love.



36.  I have stopped trying to please my parents when it comes to my outlook on marriage, kids and traditional family settings in general. It freed me in a lot of ways.


37.  Deep inside I still haven’t forgiven my father for trying to break me when I was younger. I am trying compassion now.


38.  I got rid of my TV 6 years ago and I don’t listen to the radio.


39. I don’t have siblings but want 3 kids myself. But not now. Science will catch up.


40.  I believe that very beginning has an end, because every beginning is some other beginnings end.



So, do you have any questions?






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Coat – H&M

Cashmere dress- Isa

Tights – H&M

Hat – Banana Republic

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