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Day 23! Is It All For Show?





As I was walking Duke this morning in the park, I saw a girl dressed and perfect little outfit that screamed retro. Everything about the outfit was very cute, however something didn’t fit right. Something about the way that girl looked didn’t make sense. I thought about it for a while and suddenly it came to me- the clothes she was wearing weren’t, well, really Her. I don’t know how to explain it and I don’t intend to analyze, sometimes there are some things one just intuitively knows. This was one of those moments. Something made me pay attention to this and immediately I knew what I was going to write in my morning post about.

So I couldn’t help but wonder- what it is that makes something Your style? Why do some people stand out effortlessly and others try too hard and never succeed. Is this something that comes from within and if so, why isn’t it talked about more? I mean, if you think about it, the simplest thing would be to teach it from the start, from a very young age. Why don’t we teach our kids to reflect their personality to the world through their outer image? Why are we told from a young age, that blending inn is better than standing out?

Why is it more important for most people to merge?

We use clothes to protect us from the world by projecting a certain image that we might not necessarily represent. We are taught to compete with our clothes, we are taught to play roles with what we wear, we are even taught to masterfully hide behind the shell of an outfit. This contrast between what we are and what the society wants us to be is clearer in some parts of the world, while blurry in others.

But, the question that bothers me the most is- what happens to the cultures where being part of the mass is encouraged over being different? If you are taught to suppress the creative self-expressive energy that makes you who you are, wouldn’t that change the course of your path? Because your choices would change.

What if your style came from deep inside of you and reflected your soul? Would you be comfortable wearing it on your sleeve? Secure sharing it with the rest of the world?

Ask yourself, when you put on your clothes in the morning, are you saying something to the world or is the world saying something to you?









Not another fashin blog saida mouradova animal print coat



Dress worn as skirt- Michael Kors

Sweater- Zara

Leather jacket- very old Club Monaco

Hat – Just Cavalli

Scarf- Banana Republic

Clutch- Banana Republic

Belt – Banana Republic

Сomments аrchive