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We all have come across them in our lives: people who leave you feeling drained and exhausted after an interaction. At times we don’t even know who we are dealing with until they have left, leaving you drained. However, in today’s world, energy vampires can also very easily sneak up on you via the Internet. 

There’s said to be several types of energy vampires, but over the years I have noticed that there’s a specific type that resides on the Internet. Sometimes called “trolls”, these people are only concerned about making sure that they leave you feeling crappy. They are usually the ones to start an attack and then pretend to be a victim, when you reciprocate.

I have noticed that for some reason there’s more of them in the Russian speaking part of the Internet than any other region. And while I consider myself very lucky to have an extremely sensitive and beautiful audience, and while I have never had a comment of this type in the whole six years of blogging in my old blog, as soon as I stepped outside my territory, I feel like taking a shower afterward.

Partially it’s because of the post-soviet culture that supports confrontation and criticism over and complementing. Every time I come across this attitude, I feel extremely sad for the unfortunate victims of their own rage, who have become stuck in that swamp. I don’t know at which point it became okay to talk badly about fellow females in that culture, but for some reason there’s a constant exhausting stream of comparing each other to some plastic ideal that doesn’t exist. Complementing strangers is a rare thing and is still considered odd back there. That is, in fact, a type of energy vampirism, because it puts You against Them!  This kind of vampirism is intended to attempt to take away your self-confidence, because for a quick second it might feel good for the vampire to put you down, it gives them a jolt of energy, which is stolen from you. It’s not theirs, because they lack it to begin with, they are filling a void.

So, how do you protect yourself from this kind of vampirism? Every time your response to that kind of reaction you’re giving them your light, you’re feeding them your divine energy. It’s important to understand that in the vase of the “energy vampire” it doesn’t come from self-respect. Anyone who attacks you for no reason whatsoever does it because they’re broken inside. When it happens remotely, like it does on the Internet, all you can do is take yourself out of the equation. In real life it takes more effort to step out of the situation, however in the case of the internet you can just step away from your computer. Trying to explain anything to these people most of the time will lead to even more arguments, which in turn will drain you all the more.

If you come across a situation like that, when you feel like something affects you in a very negative way, immediately protect your inner light and piece! Anything that throws you out of balance is damaging even if temporary. These people are literally feeding off of you! Leave and spend a few minutes recreating an inner balance. You need to come from the standpoint of a Devine creature, a being of light and love. If you practice that you will attract more of your kin.

It’s important to protect yourself from this type of negativity in order to create the life that you want.

So, on that note, I leave you with a question: has this ever happened to you?  Would you mind sharing the experience?




















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