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Day 19! Let’s talk about Tantra!



The biggest misconception about Tantra is that it is about sex. However, you will be surprised to know that, although it is in fact about lovemaking, the ancient teachings of Tantra are directed at making you achieve the highest state of being through ecstatic love.

When I signed up for the Tantra workshop in Mexico, I didn’t quite know what to expect. On one hand I knew a bit about this ancient art of achieving higher conscious levels through the art of love and lovemaking and I was open to new experiences. On the other hand I was a little skeptical about the upcoming classes, because, quite frankly, I was slightly concerned that ancient Tantra teachings wouldn’t necessarily apply to the modern world. I was in for a surprise!

From the moment our teacher started talking about the energies released during lovemaking, I knew that I recognized it from personal experience and from my experiences with others. Tantra talks a lot about female sexual energies and how strong they are. It makes complete sense that for thousands of years organized religion has made it there priority to suppress female sexuality. As a result we find ourselves surrounded by women, who are not only unaware of their true sexual energies and desires, but also actively suppress them in order to avoid labeling and “bad reputation”. In accordance with tantric teachings, when female sexual energy is set free, it’s can reach a potential eight times bigger than a man’s and at the highest peak can plug directly into God/ Universe. Male sexual energy requires much more effort and time to reach the same levels.

We have been told everything wrong, ladies!

Chastity and abstinence are not good virtues! In fact you’re supposed to embrace your sexuality as a gift from God! You are supposed to treasure your sexuality, love it and accept it as a huge part of yourself and as something that holds the key to the Universe! Sexual energy is the strongest energy there is and when used correctly, can unlock amazing potentials in oneself and in one’s partner. When that energy is channeled correctly, it is able to connect you to your true self, the self that is in harmony with the soul.

Women used to be worshiped thousands of years ago. Tantra teaches women to unlock the goddess within and to learn how to channel it correctly. It teaches a man to worship the Goddess within his lover and the woman to worship the God within her man. Only through this complete devotion can there be divine connection when making love. Through this connection astonishing energies can be unlocked. Tantra teaches you to seek that divine connection with your partner, but it doesn’t constrict you to being abstinent, it teaches you to embrace the sexual energies and make the right choices. It is about unlocking doors through ecstatic love.

So, you see, Tantra is in fact about achieving the highest divine connection through lovemaking, but it’s not quite about sex.

I will go more deeply into the ancient art of Tantra in my following articles, but for now I am leaving you with Day II in Mexico. It was hot and sticky and we enjoyed the quick breaks between Tantra classes on the beach nearby. It amazed me how happy all the dogs were here in Huatulco. They ran and swam and followed tourists around until they were exhausted. They would pass out under the tables and then bring you a young coconut so that they could play fetch with you. They were just happy.













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